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Welcome Back Stef and Lena

Kudos to ABC Family's The Fosters for continuing to support foster care adoption!

January 13, 2014 marks the much anticipated return of Executive producer Jennifer Lopez ABC Family’s The Fosters. Viewers are looking forward to seeing and learning more about characters Jude, Callie, Brandon, Jesus, Mariana and their parents Stef and Lena.

Many viewers say ABC Family's The Fosters "Great!" and that they are "sitting on the edge of their seat" as they await the premiere of season two on January 13. They can't wait to see more of Stef and Lena.

The Fosters, an hour-long drama about a multi-ethnic family shaped by biological, foster and adopted children raised by two women has helped draw attention to children and youth in foster care, same-sex parenting and the rewards of foster care adoption.

When it debuted last June, children and youth in foster care around the globe were given a new voice thanks to ABC Family's collaboration with Executive producer Jennifer Lopez.

Stef Foster (Teri Polo), a dedicated police officer, and her partner Lena Adams (Lena Saum), a school vice principal demonstrate the vulnerability, strength and perseverance needed to parent any child, biological or otherwise.

Fostering and adopting a child or youth can shape his or her life in a positive way. Foster care and adoption is important to the growth of families everywhere.

Jennifer Lopez and the team she works with at ABC Family respectfully demonstrates a realistic representation of what it might be like for some parents like Stef and Lena and the foster care system nationwide.

Resources about foster parent licensing and adoption in your state or the difference between domestic, international and private adoption can be found online at the Child Welfare Information Gateway and local human service offices.

Information and referral search websites like can provide links to local and state resources to those interested in learning more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

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