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Welcome back Nashville AWEsome!

Hi y’all!

All right, all right, all right. This is the Nashville I’m talking about. This weather, this schedule of fantastic events, and all of the fun, creative people you can meet at the drop of a hat is something that is more than ordinary … it’s extra-ordinary! I’ll just get right to the next week and some more in store for you and all your friends.

If you have the time and money tonight, you should educate yourself with superb rap at Marathon Music Works with Jurassic 5. You won’t be mad if you do.

Then, fast-forward to a weekend like no other before another weekend like no other.

I’ll just do this outline form to keep things simple and direct, without rambling too much-

Friday, August 1st:

- Main Street Gallery (625 Main Street), from 6-9pm = Artist and songwriter, Beth Inglish, presents her new series of abstract paintings and original music called “Release.” There will be an art and music presentation at 7pm.

- Global Education Center (4822 Charlotte Avenue), at 7:30pm on Friday and 8:45pm on Saturday = Line Breaks Literary Reading Series will host a mid-summer reading and community writing workshop with three award-winning Asian American poets (Michelle Chan Brown, Cathy Linh Che, and Sally Wen Mao in a series called “Honey Badgers Don’t Give a B**k Tour.” For additional information on the tour, visit here -

Saturday, August 2nd:

*To really kick off your Saturday, you should visit me and friends at East Side Story (1108 Woodland Street, unit B), at 2pm. First, I will have visual artist Keith Carter (creator of the card series titled “Wordisms”) from 2-4pm showcasing his latest edition of his series with “Music & Movies.” There will be art and games for all ages. Also at East Side Story at this time, I will have visiting author/speaker Desha Peacock for a book signing and possible workshop for her new book “Create the Style you Crave on a Budget You Can Afford.” It will be fun had by all so don’t miss out! I’ll be there, if that helps your decision.

- Cumberland Gallery (4107 Hillsboro Circle), at 11 am = There will be a wonderful gallery talk with local artists Andrew Saftel and Barry Buxkamper. Both men are teaching artists who have recently traveled as “strangers in a strange land” working with students in Bangladesh and Bhutan. The title of the discussion is “Giving Back: A Morning with Andrew Saftel and Barry Buxkamper.

- Corvidae Collective (11 Arcade), from 6-9pm = Alien Landscapes: A Tribute to HR Giger. The featured artists are as follows: Tomasz Strzalkowski (Warsaw), Patricio Clarey (Barcelona), Zac Shiffer (New York), Scott Kirschner (Philadelphia), Heather Rose (New England), Kristof Corvinus (New Orleans), Zach Duensing (Nashville), Karen Short (Nashville), Judah Noah (Nashville), and Chris Ousley (Nashville).

- Watkins Arcade Gallery, from 6-9pm = Watkins College of Art, Design & Film presents “A Field Guide to Getting Lost.” It will feature video work by alumni Jenna Maurice and John Whitten = fantastic work!

- Blend Studio (79 Arcade), from 6-9pm = The always awesome Jason Hargrove will have a solo show with stickers and mixed media collages. The stickers will be FREE while they last.

- 40AU art gallery (150 4th Avenue North, Suite G-150), from 6-9pm = Nashville native and creative genius Jeff Bertrand will be showcasing his latest and greatest works. The series, titled “Life on the Edge of Catastrophe,” will not only include his paintings displayed on wood, but he plans on incorporating murals alongside the paintings and will be doing one live as people walk around him! How cool!

- Julia Martin Gallery (444 Humphrey’s Street, Suite A), from 6-9pm = Experience the last WeHo Artcrawl of the summer and the finale of the summer group show series “BEVY.” It introduces the work of Pamela Murphy, Gary Wimmer, and Wendy Walker Deason, as well as new work from Michelle Farro and Julia Martin. Well worth your time.

- OutCentral (1709 Church Street), from 7-9pm = “Wacky and Wicked,” works by Clayton Reynolds will have a reception for the artist. The first 25 visitors will receive a pair of passes to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, courtesy of the Frist Center. Side note, visit to learn more! … NOW! Also, check this out for more-

- Track One (1209 4th Avenue South), from 8-8:30pm = Seed Space will be presenting “The Pairing” by Espand: Hanna M. Owens and Soheila Azadi. It is a choreographed performance that questions skin and fabric as a shield that separate bodies and ideologies. Talk about something cool and outside of the box.

- BUT, for my money, it might not get any better than Chet Weise’s “The Return of Poetry Sucks!” Found at Fond Object Records (1313 McGavock Pike), from 6:30pm-midnight, Chet will be on hand with featured guests Sommer Browning, Noah Eli Gordon, Coco Hames, William Tyler, Andre Perry, Joseph Tiefenthaler, Tim Denevi, Dexter Green’s Jazz Sucks & Jem Cohem. There will be booze, food, and lots of spirit. You can get your ticket ahead of time here -

That will carry you into your Sunday of rest.

A little head’s up when you wake up from that deserved nap, you can look forward to making plans for East Side Storytellin’ 42 on Tuesday, August 5th, at 7pm sharp at Mad Donna’s (1313 Woodland Street). The show is FREE to attend, and it will feature words by local author/publisher Dave Wright and music by the married duo Sarah and Ronnie Criss. You can read more details of the most recent show and for the upcoming show here -

Also, get ready and rest all week so you can fully appreciate the 2014 Tomato Art Fest at 5 Points, this year on Friday, August 8th and Saturday, August 9th! You definitely want to have all your energy together and plans put aside to make this experience happen. And, again, if it means anything to you, I’ll be there too!

Now, go forth and conquer the world. It’s waiting on you. It’s always waiting on you.

As you were, busy but happy,
much love,


ps- On an art writing note of urgency around our region- Make sure to send in your reviews and regional updates to Number: so that we all can help cover and represent our visual arts region right! - YOU can help more than YOU know. Thanks!

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