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Welcome 2010


2009 has ended, and now, the uncharted land of a new year is upon us.  The good news is - the museum world will always provide a wealth of knowledge and entertainment in equal parts for those of us lucky enough to live in this wonderful, bountiful state, Colorado. 

As a matter of course, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will provide opportunities for learning in this year.  For now, Genghis Khan will grace our fair city until the 7th of February, which is enough time to visit and learn of his conquests.  Next, Body Worlds and the Story of the Heart will sweep into town.  Body Worlds strives to educate the populace on the workings of our bodies; what will enhance our lives, and influences that may take years off of our lives.  On display will be over 200 human specimens, including translucent body slices, and plastinates of the entire human body.  Please check back to this column on January 7, 2010 for the details.

Enjoy the first days of the year 2010.  Much is expected for all of us, so for now, Happy New Year to all!


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