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Weiwei vase is destroyed by protester in Miami

An Ai Weiwei vase is destroyed by a protester in Miami read headlines on Tuesday, Feb. 18. According to The New York Times, the Weiwei vase was worth $1M. The incident occurred at the Pérez Art Museum and officials believe that the act was carried out by Maximo Caminero, 51. He was arrested shortly after police arrived.

"A spokeswoman for the museum said the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon when a local artist walked into the waterfront museum and picked up one of the vases in an installation of Mr. Ai’s work titled 'Colored Vases.' A guard asked the man to put it down, but instead he threw it to the ground, smashing it, the spokeswoman said" (The New York Times).

The Ai Weiwei vase destroyed by the protester was completely shattered. The exhibit has been secured in case anyone else decides to do something similar. Apparently Caminero was angry that the museum doesn't include local artists in its exhibits and so he took his anger out on a very pricey piece in Mr. Ai's display. The artist was informed of the incident and this is what he had to say:

"The argument does not support the act. It doesn’t sound right. His argument doesn’t make much sense. If he really had a point, he should choose another way, because this will bring him trouble to destroy property that does not belong to him" (via The New York Times).

Now that the Weiwei vase is destroyed, and the protester was arrested, he will face charges. It's unclear whether or not Caminero will be held responsible for the monetary damages -- but this could really end up costing him big time if so.

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