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Weird things that happened to our Presidents from UFOs to psychic visions

U.S. presidents are known for many things, integrity, power, sometimes being tricky, and well the list goes on. Well this article is going to look their own beliefs in the paranormal.


According to the most recent magazine from Time Life called, "Mysteries of the Unknown," Ronald Reagan saw something strange in the 70s. While he was governor of California, in 1974 Regan had something strange happen to him. While flying he saw a mysterious light that recalled went up to the heavens. This lead him to believe that there was a possibility of UFOs.

Reagan wasn't the only U.S. President to see a UFO, Jimmy Carter during a Presidential Campaign in 1976, he shared a story that happened in October of 1969. He claimed to have seen something that was big and bright, it changed colors and he also said that it was the sign of moon. These two claims were written in the Time Life magazine.


George W. Bush was reported to have seen the ghost of another president, Abraham Lincoln. In Robert Draper's book, "Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush," it was reported that Bush approached Lincoln's bedroom on the second floor and literally saw the apparition of Lincoln's coming out the wall. It's interesting because many have said that the White House is haunted.

Bush isn't the only one that has seen Lincoln's ghost either, Theodore Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman were two other former U.S. presidents that were reported to see his ghost. Though Lincoln's ghost isn't the only president haunting the place, some say that Andrew Jackson was seen a couple of times.

Psychic Visions:

One famous thing involved America's first president, George Washington. Washington was said to have a vision that foretold three great perils that would happen to America The first two are said to be about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The third one some think hasn't happened yet. You can read these three perils from About Paranormal. It's an interesting legend that some either believe was fake or real. That all depends on your own view of course.

So that's just a look at some of the supernatural stories that surround the U.S. Presidents.

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