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Weird news: Man tapes firecrackers to face, goes about as well as you'd expect

Photo illustration by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

The Internet is a magical place where we can share all kinds of amusing things and, occasionally, laugh at other people's ill-advised and moronic decisions. A perfect example of this is a recent video in which a young man tapes some small firecrackers to his lips with-let's face it-predictable results.

This display of questionable use of free time was posted on reddit yesterday via with the apt title "Darwin Award Nominee - Idiot Tapes Firecrackers to his Face." The 30-second clip includes some muffled speech (spoken after taping the firecrackers to his lips), the lighting, two pops, and a final reflective "that was a bad idea."

The comments on it alone are worth a read, even though some of the redditors weren't quite satisfied with the "Darwin Award" designation since he didn't technically remove himself from the gene pool:

You must die to be nominated.

Yeah I think this just falls under the "honorable mentions" section.

still young he is, much to learn he has. kill himself one day he shall

After that little adventure he will never strap firecrackers to his face again. Other explosives though... can't say no till you've tried it.

And people like him get to vote. Awesome.

Was your day this productive?

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