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Weird News: Former police officer arrested for filming men in bathroom stalls

A former Missouri police officer has been arrested for invasion of privacy after it was discovered that he'd been secretly videotaping various men for months.
Wikimedia Commons

For anyone who never wants to feel safe in a public restroom ever again, this story is for you! On Friday, news broke that David Cerna, a 33-year-old former police officer, had been arrested for secretly video-taping men in compromising positions and then posting it on the Internet. If you think the crime is insane, you won't believe the course the investigation travelled before it landed on Cerna's front door.

Fox2 in St. Louis broke the news last week after an investigative piece from Chris Hayes (who is this guy, not this guy). Hayes was put on the trail after a hidden camera was discovered in the men's restroom at a gas station in Chesterfield, Mo. Video from the camera showed several men making use of the facilities. The video had, apparently been uploaded to a pornographic website for viewing at large.

The team at the local Fox affiliate located the site that housed the videos after a tip from an unnamed man, who said, "he clicked on a banner that took him to the offensive porn web site." This good samaritan, who was certainly not Chris Hayes clicking random pop-ups while running his normal porn route, claimed that he noticed "many victims [on the site] wearing company shirts." How long this (again, unnamed) man was watching other men poop online remains to be seen; what's important is that his tip led Fox journalists to a victim: Rob Cheney.

Glossing over how awkward it must have been to open a conversation with, "So, we were on this defecation fetish Web site and, well, long story short …," the crack team at Fox2 solicited a complete list of Rob Cheney's favorite spots to make a plop. When he saw himself on camera, Cheney reportedly chuckled with embarrassment and then moved on with his life.

After some deliberation, Cheney - who, no joke, might be in the running for most well-adjusted human person in recorded history - provided the journalists with a list: "I had to think because you don’t document everywhere you go to the bathroom, so it took me awhile to pinpoint where it was.”

But pinpoint he did. After a day or two spent checking various gas station and travel plaza bathrooms Hayes (who takes credit for that task, if not the previous one) found a match. The results of the investigation were turned over to the Chesterfield Police Department. While tracking Cerna, the police also discovered that - in between violating the privacy of travel plaza attendees - Cerna had set up a small business luring men to his home so that he could videotape them doing some inappropriate stuff with a glory hole (if you don't know what a glory hole is, do not look it up. You're better off not having that information rattling around your brain).

Cerna is currently awaiting trial in St. Louis on a $25,000 bond. He is facing charges of invasion of privacy - a class D felony - that could net him up to 4 years in prison.

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