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Weird news: Drunk man almost opens plane door trying to use bathroom, $270 fine

A drunk man who mistakenly thought a plane exit door was the entryway to the bathroom almost opened it mid-flight, causing a definite scare among other passengers on the Ryanair craft. In this trending weird news story that resulted in a $270 fine, 26-year-old Tomasz Mucha reportedly attempted to open the plane’s back exit; he was apparently too intoxicated on vodka and beer to tell the difference between it and the lavatory. United Press International shares the details on this near-accident that could have led to serious consequences this Thursday, July 24, 2014.

Drunk man almost opens plane door during flight, major scare
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In what was in fact his very first time aboard a plane, Tomasz Mucha almost made his flight a very dangerous traveling experience (though it will certainly remain a memorable one). The passenger taking the Ryanair craft seemed to get very drunk in order to ease the tension surrounding his first flight thousands of feet in the air, but one drink too many led him to think that a plane door was in fact a bathroom.

A flight attendant was said to fortunately stop Mucha just in time before he tried to use the exit way as a lavatory pass. The aircraft itself was traveling from Krakow and was on its way to Dublin, Ireland, when the close call occurred. According to the press release, the young man had already become rather intoxicated before boarding the plane to keep calm, and continued having a few more beers once the flight had taken off.

AZ Central notes in this weird news incident that Mucha almost managed to open the back door. Before being noticed, he was able to lift up the handle and would have actually opened the exit had the air pressure within the plane at the time not made doing so nearly impossible.

A flight attendant finally spotted the drunk man and — calling for help from other plane staff — was able to bring him back to his seat. Local authorities were soon called, and Mucha was arrested the moment he left the Ryanair plane at Dublin Airport. No doubt the other passengers on the flight are simply grateful that this uncanny bathroom mistake that could have led to serious trouble was stopped before it really began.

"Do you realize how serious this could have been?" Judge James Faughnan asked during Mucha's subsequent court appearance. The 26-year-old’s response was brief and to the point.

"Yes," he said.

Mucha was slapped with a fine of roughly $270 for the close call and warned not to drink any alcohol before boarding his next flight. Just as drinking and driving don’t mix, it certainly seems the same rule goes for intoxication and flying.

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