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Weird and wacky items from the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

The 61st annual PGA Merchandise Show may have had over 10 miles of aisles you could walk, but you didn't have to walk far to see some of the offbeat and flat-out weird products and technology that was on display at the show.

A look at the wacky tech found at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show - armrests for your golf cart
Would you eat John Daly's Pizza?

Each year, this is one of my most popular columns, and that includes things outside of the world of golf. I call it "Weird and Wacky Gadgets" but that's not to say some of these items aren't viable products that may take hold and be a breakout product either this year or next.

So here it is, my weird and wacky picks from the just completed 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

Golf Skate Caddy and Golf Board

These are electric skateboards that get you around the golf course. You can't keep a smile off your face when you see someone riding one. People were taking them for spins around the Orange County Convention Center and it was quite a sight. Not sure how many of these you will be seeing on your local course, but it's still a cool idea.


There weren't many but the few exhibitors hocking samples of food were pretty busy. Only at a golf show would you see John Daly's Pizza being offered. This is inexpensive but tasty pizza that golf courses could offer patron before, during, and after a round. Oscar Mayer was also in attendance with different flavored pancakes rolled up with a sausage sitting inside. What golfer wouldn't want to down one before a round?

The Goal

A mini football goalpost that you can chip or even putt through. It's cute and serves a purpose.

Loudmouth Golf

Just spend a few minutes at the Loudmouth booth and you will see why they are in the weird and wacky article. These people are nuts, but they are on to something. Their clothing is taking off for both men and women. You will stand out if you wear Loudmouth apparel- some may even call you weird and wacky.

SwingAware Shirt

Actually a very comfortable shirt with sensory guides tucked into underarm pockets. Gives you instant, and I mean instant feedback when something goes wrong with your swing.


Swing-Lube promises to get rid of all your aches and pains with all natural ingredients. I just love the name.


A putting game that is crafted out of wood. Different designs mean different levels of difficulty. Perfect for the clubhouse during a rain delay.

Cart Buddy

Padded armrests for your golf cart. Yes, we have now come up with every possible accessory for a golf cart. But this could work.


Heaven shoes are innovative new golf shoes with no sole. They promise to improve your stance and balance while allowing you to walk 18 effortlessly. The jury is still out, but they look weird to me.

I'm now going to get cute with my ending.

Is this heaven? No, it's the PGA Merchandise.

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