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Weird Al Yankovic spoofs Pharrell in ‘Tacky’ video; new ‘Mandatory Fun’ album

Al Yankovic
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

Weird Al Yankovic is back and the talented entertainer has set his sights on being tacky. Well, not personally, but definitely professionally. The entertainer released the first of eight videos, one each day up to the debut of his new album “Mandatory Fun.” According to Crave Online on Monday, there are plenty of famous people in the video too and they all have ridiculously enthusiastic appearances.

The “Tacky” video is the spoof song from Pharrell’s single “Happy.” The obvious tacky part of the music might be the lyrics, but it is also the fashion that everyone is wearing. Each and every star, including Weird Al, has some outrageously bright (and tacky) clothing. Giving people a reason to intensely watch as the fun never seems to end.

For fans of Jack Black, the video is a must see. Not only does the star get the final dance in the video, he also shows off his sparkly fanny pack that is the funniest moment during the video. Not only does the comedian offer up some over the top fashion that makes viewer’s eyes water, it shows just how far he will go for a good laugh. Filmed in Los Angeles at the historic Palace Theatre, the background is quite interesting and perfect for the video.

The return of Weird Al Yankovic is great to see as fans have missed his hilarious lyrics and ridiculous videos. He is the original master of insanity when it came to the continuous supply of good videos that spoofed popular songs. While many people on YouTube try, Weird Al has always been successful in making it work and his talent exceeds almost everyone else who has picked up a microphone and given it a try.

“Mandatory Fun” will be released soon, but before it hits the shelves the fans will get the chance to check out some of his video spoofs as seven more are on the way. Music lovers know what craziness to expect. No doubt there will be plenty more star cameos in store too. Weird Al is definitely a popular guy!

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