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Weird Al Yankovic Cavity Search song could be at the Superbowl

Weird Al Yankovic sang Cavity Search which has to do with dentistry and dental offices.
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

A petition gone viral on may have dental professionals hoping "Cavity Search" by Al Yankovic is played at the Superbowl next year.

A man named Ed Ball, who admits he was drunk at the time of typing it on Change.Org came up with an idea at a Sports Bar in Seattle to have Al Yankovic at the next Superbowl. Ball posted the idea on and the petition has over 107,000 people that have signed it within the last few days.The petition reads:

Tracy Perlman, NFL Vice President
April Donnelly, NFL Director
Greg Aiello, NFL Public Relations
Peter O'Reilly, NFL Vice President
Jaime Weston, NFL Vice President
Have Weird Al Yankovic headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.

[Your name]

Al Yankovic parodies popular songs. The song "Cavity Search" by Yankovic is about dentistry and dental offices and is on the album called Bad Hair Day released in 1994. "Cavity Search" is a parody of "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" by U2. The story goes that Yankovic actually brought in his very own dentist to the recording studio with a real drill and actual tooth.

The Weird Al Show theme song mentions that he met a dental hygienist with a spatula tattooed on her arm and didn't keep in touch and lost her number.

Today Ed Ball posted this:

We have reached out and left messages with NFL executives, the NFL PR department, as well as Weird Al and his representatives. We continue to wait for their responses and will post any updates received. You can continue to voice your support through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and any other social media venues. Cheers!!!

Ed Ball's idea was to have the actual original artists of the songs he parodies be on stage with Yancovic at the Superbowl. It will be an interesting show if it happens.

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