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Weird Al uses 'Foil' to 'Eat It' again

From the same singer/songwriter that brought you “Eat It,” Al Yankovic now released “Foil” today. It seems to be the natural sequel to the same subject. In the 1984 music video, it was a parody of Michael Jackson's “Beat It” with lyrics about being a less fussy eater. Thirty years later “Weird Al” still doesn't finish all his food. “Foil” discusses how to preserve your leftovers in a parody of Lorde's “Royals.

In addition, “Foil” is also useful to conspiracy fanatics. “Weird Al” Yankovic talks about the Illuminati and paranoia about the government. Aluminum foil hat? Yes, he went there. Which celebrites make an appearance this time? Patton Oswalt is a secret alien and Tom Lennon with Robert Ben Garant (of Reno 911!) come to take him away as men in black. CollegeHumor had partnered with Al Yankovic to make this music video possible.

Every time Al Yankovic parodies a song, it really means that the original song was a success and it's a great honor to the original artist. He always asks permission, too. Lorde certainly proved her place in the music world as one of the youngest grammy winners, receiving both “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Solo Performance” in 2014. It's only natural that he would approach her about her music.

Weird Al's “Foil” was music video number three in his eight day series. Be sure to also view “Word Crimes” and “Tacky”. To see what video is viral each day, be sure to stay tuned to Weird Al's official website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram. You may want to like him on Facebook or subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can pay particular attention to the hashtag #8Videos8Days for more music videos this week.

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