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Weird Al's 'Tacky' is a star-filled take on Pharrell's 'Happy'

Weird Al Yankovic is at it again with a hilarious spoof of Pharrell's smash hit "Happy." Weird Al is getting ready to delight fans with a new album titled "Mandatory Fun" and judging by it's first release, it will probably be pretty fun. "Tacky" is the first release of eight new Weird Al songs in eight days in anticipation of his upcoming album. According to Entertainment Weekly, the hilarious Weird Al brings out a host of celebrities for the new music video.

 Musician Alfred Matthew 'Weird Al' Yankovic attends the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival Screening of 'They Came Together' at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on June 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

In the video, you see a psychedelic Weird Al in a hodge podge of mismatched clothing as he sings about being tacky. In addition to Weird Al, celebrities such as Jack Black, Aisha Tyler and Margaret Cho are seen singing the lyrics.

"Tacky" is a wonderful spoof on none other than the tackiness of modern society. The lyrics take a stab at social media and the general public's obsession with sharing pictures of their meals. A deeper look at the lyrics shows that Weird Al is not only poking fun at the tackiness of society but also at the selfishness and lack of manners. One could suppose that to be tacky though.

Is it truly tacky to say things that should remain unspoken? The line about asking if someone is pregnant or just fat sounds more rude than tacky but it certainly can be considered both. Also threatening a bad Yelp review when one isn't warranted. Is that tacky or just selfish? In a society of people who want things their way and they want it free, again there is a blurred line between tacky and just plain wrong.

When Weird Al sings "Can't nothing bring me shame," he speaks for a whole lot of people who just don't care how they look. Maybe the song will be a warning to those who are truly tacky that they aren't getting away with anything. Then again, probably not. People who are tacky don't tend to care.

Check out the video for Weird Al's "Tacky" and see if you have any of the bad habits that he's making fun of in the song. "Mandatory Fun" is Weird Al Yankovic's fourtheenth album and is getting rave reviews. What do you think of Weird Al's first release "Tacky?"

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