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Weird Al's 'Mission Statement' and success

When Weird Al parodies a song from decades ago, he introduces that track and artist to the newer generations and provides nostalgia for his older fans. One cannot fully appreciate the new version without going back to the original. This is the case for “Mission Statement,” which is his parody of Crosby, Stills & Nash's “Carry On/Questions.”

“Mission Statement” is a cornucopia of keywords used for presentations, motivational speaking and marketing in the business world. Every organization has a mission statement and thus the song is well named. The music video features animated visuals that correspond to those buzzwords. Here's a sampling of the lyrics:

...And leverage our core competencies
In order to holistically administrate
Exceptional synergy
We'll set a brand trajectory
Using management's philosophy
Advance our market share vis-à-vis
Our proven methodology
With strong commitment to quality
Effectively enhancing corporate synergy
Transitioning our company
By awareness of functionality
Promoting viability
Providing our supply chain with diversity
We will distill our identity
Through client-centric solutions”

There you have it. Al Yankovic released eight videos in eight days. He surprised us with some of his choices and omitted music videos, but he does not disappoint. Weird Al must have some marketing intuition (perhaps from studying these popular business words), because his "Mandatory Fun" album is #1 on the Billboard chart right now. He's quite humbled and grateful for this news, according to his Twitter page.

Don't thank us, Weird Al. Thank you.

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