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Weird Al gives the Emmy Awards a laugh

The Emmy Awards took a goofy turn when hosts Seth Meyers and Andy Samberg came on stage to introduce parody musician “Weird Al” Yankovic. Al who created a musical spoof on popular TV theme songs. True to form, Weird Al added his own lyrics to the songs to give them his own comedic flavor.

Yankovic performed with a group of dancers on stage. Meanwhile, he sang parodies of the theme songs for “Mad Men,” “Scandal,” “Homeland,” “Modern Family” as well as “Game of Thrones." Weird Al described the plots of each show in the songs. In his musical number about Scandal, Al spoke of Kerry Washington’s forbidden White House love affair, singing, “It’s not because she’s cold, it’s because she just loves the president."

He devoted the most of his musical number to "Game of Thrones." He noted the show's high death count. He ended begging author George R.R. Martin to write faster, saying "Type, George, type as fast as you can. We need more scripts," he sang as Andy Samberg offered Martin a typewriter in the audience.

Yankovic has been out the media for decades, but recently came back int the spotlight to promote his 14th studio album “Mandatory Fun.” For eight consecutive days he released new music videos. This earned Weird Al a chart-topping spot on the Billboard 200. This is the first time a comedy artist had achieved this feat in 50 years.

The Weird Al Emmys musical Emmy montage is here for your viewing pleasure.

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