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'Weird Al' and friends spoof Pharrell's 'Happy' in new 'Tacky' video

'Weird Al' is back with a new song taking on Pharrell.

“Weird Al” Yankovic has been simultaneously delighting audiences and freaking them out by seemingly not aging for over three decades now, a serious achievement for a guy whose music is fundamentally silly.

On July 15, the master parodist will release Mandatory Fun, his first album since Alpocalypse in 2011, and today marks the kickoff of a special eight-day run of new music videos from the album.

Tacky” finds "Weird Al" and friends like Jack Black, Aisha Taylor, Kristen Schaal, and others riffing on Pharrell’s inescapable hit “Happy.” The song finds “Weird Al” in fine form as he wise cracks about various fashion fails (“wear my Ed Hardy shirt with fluorescent orange pants”) and social faux pas (“are you pregnant girl or just really fat?”) he has no shame about committing, due to his tackiness.

The video is a neatly-executed single take that follows the various lip-synchers as they move through an old theater, beginning and ending with “Weird Al” himself. They also sport horrendously bad outfits and imitate some of the dance moves featured in Pharrell’s original “Happy” clip.

The new video is a welcome return from pop music’s unlikeliest icon. Look for more videos on the “Weird Al” website over the coming days (based on the Amazon track listing, parodies of "Fancy" and "Blurred Lines" seem likely) and head on over to Nerdist to check out the new video for “Tacky.”

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