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Weight training for baseball

Almost every family at some point has a kid or two that is playing or is going to be playing baseball at some level, over the course of growing up. Even though baseball is not a contact sport, most of the time, players will still benefit substantially from strength training.

Major league baseball game

Any baseball player from High School on up will benefit from a good weight training program. Even superstar pro’s keep up a workout program to build muscle and increase strength.
Minnesota Twins star catcher Joe Mauer says that the best piece of advice for cathers is to get your legs strong. Joe also works his upper body with the same intensity to be able to throw hard and not be too sore to play.

The other Twins superstar, Justin Morneau says he works out with weights 4 times a week for up to 2 hours per training session. These 2 players are a couple of the top players in the major leagues, if they feel that strength and muscle training is that important, there must be something to it.

If you want yourself or your kid to play to the highest level you can, you need to incorporate weight training into your weekly routine to build muscle and strength. So what are the best exercises and the best workout routine to get you into top baseball playing shape.

The best way to work your entire body is with a 4 day weight training workout.
For each exercise, do 3 sets of 6 - 8 reps. Pick a weight that will make the last
rep of each set be the last you can do.

bent over rows
lat pull down
barbell curls
alternate dumbbell curls
leg lifts

Bench press
dumbbell press
incline press
triceps pushdowns
triceps dips
Oblique crunch
sit ups

Clean and press
side lateral raises
front raises
hammer curls
Abs rollout

hamstring curls
leg extensions
sit ups
leg lifts

These are all basic exercises that give you the most bang for your effort by building and strengthening all the muscles you need to play the game at your highest level. As you can see from the workout, all the main body muscles are critical to being your best, I feel that a powerful core back and upper legs are the key to strengthening the rest of your muscles.


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