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Weight training before your wedding

You've done it. You've made a commitment to get fit before you walk down the aisle. You're running and running on the treadmill, and clocking in the cardio at 45-minutes, six days a week. But... sigh... nothing is happening. You stand in front of the mirror pinching the same chub, and zip up your tight jeans looking down at all that belly rolling over your pants.

Working out can be agonizing and frustrating with no immediate results. Your heart is pumping blood more efficiently, you aren't as breathless on stairs, you can sustain longer (think mall shopping trips). But, so what? Your fat rolls are still hanging out over your pants, and every step you take you can still hear that swooshing thunder thigh sound. So, should you go back to your old Happy Hour routine; cash in your gym membership to buy more cosmopolitans?

Before you throw your fitness routine out the window, consider bumping it up first by adding weight lifting to your workouts. Start with bicep curls (and go for at least the 10-pound weights -- come on!), move onto tricep dips and then chest presses. And, don't forget your shoulders. Also, do some squats and lunges while supporting a weighted bar on your shoulders. (Remember, you'll burn more the more muscles you use; concentrate on full-body workouts.) No, you won't intimidate your fiancé, and you won't beef up like Arnold. What you will get is tone -- which means less fat. The scale might tip a little heavier, but don't worry -- if you are lifting properly, you'll be building muscle mass, which weighs more than fat.

Besides, having a little more muscle means the jar of maraschino cherries will squeeze off just a little easier, making your evening cocktail all that much more enjoyable.