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Weight loss with switchwords! Oh yeah!

Switchwords for weight loss may not be well known, yet, but there are a lot of reports of success with them. Switchwords are certain words the subconscious mind responds to for some reason. Switchwords were discovered by James Mangan and others have carried on his work, even branching into numbers.

Energy circles are often used with switchwords and numbers
Energy circles are often used with switchwords and numbers
Kat Miller/Blue Iris
Print and hang on the wall
Kat Miller/Blue Iris

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Weight loss attitude

For weight loss, it's better to focus on being healthy than a negative focus of needing to lose weight. This attitude has a positivity to it that is more uplifting. Switchwords used for weight loss may influence someone to have a healthier diet or to exercise and some report losing weight without changing anything.

Weight loss switchwords

  • For perfect weight for you:
  • Increase metabolism and attract others that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in a fun way:
  • HALFWAY-MOVE-LOVE-BE-DIVINE (Halfway is a defusing word, so is not in caps.)
  • For slimming and trimming:
  • Losing weight:
  • Obesity:
  • (4812412 obesity)
  • Weight management:
  • Stops emotional eating:
  • Reported that this switchword phrase helped lose 8 lbs in 2 months without changing anything:
  • Weight-loss:

Numbers can be added to any switchword phrase or used alone.

  • Reduce weight:
  • 68,476,739,287
  • Improves metabolism, circulation; helps before exercise
  • 18 Hz
  • Stimulates sluggish blood flow
  • 15 Hz

Additional switchwords

If you chant for a couple of days and don't notice a difference, chant RELEASE-RESISTANCE first.

You can also add TOGETHER to help switchwords work better. This is the most powerful switchword so it's called a master switchword. Add it to any switchword phrase or chant by itself.

If there are food additions, take a paper and draw a black circle on it (make sure the circle does not have any breaks in it). Inside the black circle, write the two switchword phrases with one on top of the other (sample in slideshow):


Then, on the outside of the circle, near the top of the paper, write the foods you are addicted to, such as, cake, doughnuts, fats, etc:.

Instructions for switchwords

When choosing a switchword phrase, use intuition. Some people prefer one word that they chant all day long. Others prefer a phrase and often sing it to a tune they like. Water may be charged by holding a glass of water in the hands and chanting for 15 seconds. The more the switchwords are used, the better the results. Homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers or essential oils may also be used with switchwords. There are many ways to use switchwords and just find what works best for you.

Source: Blue Iris Learning Center, the largest switchword database on the internet

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