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Weight loss winners on Dancing with the Stars: Kelly Osbourne and Drew Carey

Kelly Osbourne looks fit and fabulous.
Photo by Araya Diaz

What's harder than losing weight? Keeping it off. Which is why when it comes to weight loss winners on "Dancing with the Stars," Drew Carey and Kelly Osbourne deserve mirror ball trophies.

"Dancing with the Stars" (or DWTS for the in-vogue acronym) has provided some truly great moments and movements. It features stars we love to hate (hey there, Kate Gosselin, the Mommy Dearest of TLC), stars we love to watch succeed (Kelly Osbourne, you GO, girl!), and stars we love to go ga-ga for (BTW, DWTS: please get Lady GaGa to dance!).

Top Favorite Female: Kelly Osbourne

When we first heard that plump Kelly Osbourne was planning on dancing with the other stars, we were mildly surprised. Always following in the footsteps of her more famous parents, Kelly had experienced a variety of pre-adolescent and teenage miseries. But she certainly didn't seem "Dancing with the Stars" material.

Wrong. In each episode in which she appeared, Kelly Osbourne seemed to become more graceful, more self-assured, more posed, and more beautiful. She lost weight and gained self-esteem. Although Kelly initially appeared shy, she finally lost her self-consciousness, letting go with a cha-cha that had the audience cheering.

Kelly symbolizes what "Dancing with the Stars" provides many celebrities: the opportunity to change their public persona, to showcase (and even discover for themselves) other dimensions to their abilities and characters. A wrestler can reveal his inner Fred Astaire; a politician's daughter can unveil her artistic personality. It is the unexpected that we have come to seek in "Dancing with the Stars."

And Then There was Drew

We also seek pure entertainment in Dancing with the Stars. And we got that in the most endearing, enduring way with the performances of Drew Lachey. Viewers agree, voting him the best in the past 11 seasons when it comes to his "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" performance.

What makes Drew memorable among male celebrities on "Dancing with the Stars" is his pure love of movement and ability to feel the music - and make us feel it as well. In his wild, wild west cowboy display, for example, Drew seemed to lose himself in the movements, dancing in perfect rhythm to the music.

Many male performers seem to have challenges in forming a partnership with their female counterparts. Drew, however, was skilled at performing with his partner Cheryl Burke. He never attempted to outshine her: instead, they seemed to move in perfect harmony, each showcasing the other's abilities in a very elegant partnership.

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