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Weight loss support group: find motivation, encouragement, direction

Need help finding the right plan for you?

Many of us resolved to lose weight in the New Year.
Essential to any successful weight loss program is motivation.
Few of us can be completely motivated at all times, most people experience times when they are tempted, frustrated, struggling. In those times, it is very important to have a support system that you can reach out to, someone, or someones that will help you over the hump, encourage you, support you, remind you that you are strong, that you can do this, you can lose the weight.

If you are looking for motivation and support, if you need help deciding the best plan for you or how to successfully diet while feeding a houseful of hungry teenagers, if you need direction finding the healthiest foods, have questions on how to eat healthier check into the Living Well Exchange Weight Loss Support Blog sponsored by Dr. Kristin Mather, N.D., C.N.C. This is a brand new support group focused on creating a postive place dieters can go to find encouragement, ideas, and answers.

Follow this link:  Weight Loss Support Blog

To learn more about Dr. Kristin and her own struggles with weight loss read her bio visit her webite: Living Well Exchange


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