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Weight Loss Seminar - REAL WORLD WEIGHT LOSS


Tired of being tired?Want the energy to tackle life and lose weight?NOW is your time.
Learn the tools to lose weight for good.

Wednesday 1/15 - 11:45am & 5:30pm

Innovation Fitness Solutions

1574 Rt 23N - Butler, NJ 07405


It's January again. Another New Years Resolution to REALLY lose weight this year. If you are like many, you will pull out the same old diet mentality, cut out foods, deprive yourself, be hungry and cranky and be MISERABLE until you can no longer maintain that style of eating.

BONUS! You get to put ALL of your weight back on and you get a few extra pounds!

With all of life’s demands, maintaining a weight loss program can be a struggle. If you are tired of the “start and stop” approach, then this workshop is for you. We will uncover strategies to improve your health and fitness utilizing Realistic, Progressive and Maintainable methods (R.P.M.) as discussed in the book The Real World Weight Loss.

Get workout and fitness advice that will make a difference. Learn eating strategies to minimize STRESS and STRESS eating. Gain nutrition insight to know which food plan will work best for you. Get focused and maintain control so you don't lose 10 pounds to put 15 back on.

Lose body fat, get healthy and improve your fitness.

The seminar is completely FREE. We will also give you a 14-day FREE trial to our Personal Training and Weight Loss Program.

Learn about our 10-week Body Transformation Program here -

Here's to your best year yet!

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