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Weight loss options 101- second in a series - behavior modification based programs

The theory that sustained weight loss can be achieved through merely changing a persons eating behavior has been a longstanding theory.  A summary of behavior based programs was published by the Annals of Internal Medicine in 1993.  The article, entitled Evidence for Success of Behavior Modification in Weight Loss and Control, concludes that "Behavior modification applied to the treatment of obesity has evolved from the environmental control of eating behavior to a broader approach characterized by systematic manipulation of all factors associated with eating and exercise patterns. This approach has shown success in helping obese persons lose modest amounts of weight. The average length of treatment is 18 weeks, and the average weight loss is 9.9 kg. About 66% of these weight losses are maintained at 52 weeks of follow-up. Because obesity is a chronic condition with a substantial potential for relapse, longer-term treatments are needed. In the future, behavioral modification is likely to be further combined with other treatment methods."

The article details several types of behavior modification, including regimented programs and very low calorie diets and measures the long term effects of various programs.  The final conclusion is that while behavior modification rarely results in drastic weight loss, if the participant focuses on changing eating habits for an overall increase in health as opposed to vanity, that results are better realized, and that even modest weight loss can result in significant improvements in overall health and can reduce risk factors for many diseases.

Some national and local programs that focus on the behavior component to weight loss are detailed below:

  • Diet Center 205-822-3344,100 Centerview Dr Suite 130,Vestavia Hills  - Behavioral modification program focused on proper nutrition, weigh-ins, supplement support and group support. States you can expect a six pound weight loss in two weeks. Running a special now via the website.
  • Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture Center,205-822-5552,1564 Montgomery Highway Ste E, Hoover - Combination of Chinese herbs to support mood and metabolism and acupuncture to help decrease appetite and help with motivation. States you can lose between 5-10 pounds in two weeks, with daily supplements and twice a week acupuncture session.
  • Overeaters Anonymous 205-823-7226, 3109 Carousel Ct Apt D, Hoover, -Support group focuses on the root cause of overeating and motivating people through mutual support and understanding to succeed in the weight loss program they choose to follow
  • Bariatric of Alabama, 205-313-6889,2017 Canyon Road, Ste 17, Birmingham - Focuses on the Medibar diet – high protein, pre-packaged foods and the addition of an all natural weight loss supplement without ephedra or other CNS stimulants to help increase metabolism, feel full, and decrease hunger pangs.
  • Bariatric Medicine Associates, 205-930-2973,One Lakeshore Drive, Suite 100, Birmingham -Medically supervised weight loss clinic with programs for adults as well as children aged 6-16. Offers a six month pre-bariatric surgery doctor monitored weight loss program, and post surgery maintenance programs. Also offers protein sparing modified fast programs for rapid weight loss. Offers a CLA/Calcium chew to help in the breakdown and processing of fats, as well as programs with meal replacements and appetite suppressants.
  • Weight Watchers 205-403-7477,2766 John Hawkins Parkway, Hoover - One of the most established weight loss support groups in the country, WW focuses on behavioral modification, moral support and accountability, and nutritional training. Traditional weekly meetings, on-line only programs or a combination of the two are offered. Specials for the New year include Join Now for Free, 7-Day Free Trial, Monthly Pass, and Weight Watches Mobile. Claims its new Points Program is easy to follow and offers unlimited support.

Always consult your doctor before trying these or any other weight loss methods.  This article only serves as a summary of multiple programs, and is not intended as an endorsement for any particular program.  No claim is made that any listed program is superior to other listed or non-listed local or national programs. 


  • Linda Hibbard 5 years ago

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