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Weight loss, Get it off and keep it off

Diet and Exercise together for powerful, sustainable weight loss
Diet and Exercise together for powerful, sustainable weight loss
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As we embark on 2010 there continues to be an ever growing amount of information regarding safe, healthy weight loss.  Without question, the beginning exercise enthusiast or weight loss candidate can find this wealth of information confusing and difficult to wade through. 

However, two components will always be necessary for healthy, sustained weight loss that promotes well being and long term health.

Consistency over the long term. Most of the weight loss programs available will work initially.  In order to maintain results or continue to see progressive results, lifestyle management must be considered.  New ACSM standards published in the IDEA November-December Fitness Journal issue report that realizing moderate weight loss goals require greater than 150 minutes per week of exercise and physical activity.  Significant weight loss requires greater than 250 minutes.  Maintenance numbers will vary after initial goals are achieved, however, what does not vary is the idea that exercise must continue on a consistent basis in order to keep the results you worked so hard for.

Diet and Exercise together. Weight loss can be achieved with diet alone, or through exercise alone.  The results from a singular approach tend to be minimal and short lived.  By combining exercise and diet the weight loss candidate will have more control over calories in VS. Calories out.  In addition, there will be a greater impact on lifestyle changes that insure long term maintenance and a healthy lifestyle. 

Contact your local fitness professional for more on how to combine exercise and diet properly to achieve and maintain the best results possible.