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Weight loss, confidence and health with "Curves" in Garden Grove, CA

Curves, Garden Grove, CA
Curves, Garden Grove, CA
Raluca Schachter

Imagine yourself as an overweight person, with a family history of heart blood pressure and diabetes, lacking of confidence and motivation, constantly being judged and criticized by people. But you want a better quality of your life. So you try different diets, but with no significant results. You go back and forth, gaining and losing pounds and the whole process is discouraging and so stressful.

Trying to overcome your shyness, you enter your local gym club and see a bunch of hard working people, most of them in good shape and health already, that are striving to reach a new goal every day. And many of them succeed…You feel watched and think you just don't belong there, so you go back home feeling even more depressed than before.

Then you have somebody telling you about this amazing fitness club in your area, that is exclusively addressed to women and that is quite different from other fitness clubs. Nina A. took this step and she will never forget the day she did so, since that was the moment that changed her life. When she became a member of Curves in Garden Grove, CA, a new world opened to her.

When she started, she weighed 270 pounds, with a height of 5.1. She previously had lost another 100 pounds with Weight Watchers, but could not go further than that. At Curves, she felt she could be herself since the very first moment and got amazing support all along the way. The comfortable, warm, understanding, client oriented, and friendly environment provided her all she needed to boost confidence, build motivation, health and practically change her whole life for the better.

She followed their special Curves Smart workout program, four days a week and it took her two years to loose 105 pounds. Since this weight loss caused excessive skin on her body, she had to have a skin removal surgery that was only partially covered by her insurance company. The amazing and touching experience Nina had with Curves went even further, when members of the club donated her money, so she can have the surgery. Today she is recovering after her medical intervention and cannot wait to go back to the club and start her workout routine. This is living proof that places like Curves put a stop on your previously unhealthy, unhappy life and give you the start for a new YOU.

Working with a natural practitioner is also crucial, since one should choose a diet and nutritional supplements according to her / his specific body type and health concerns. The way Nina chose the fitness club that suited her, one should choose the diet that is right for her / him.  



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