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Weight loss as simple as apple cider vinegar

Feeling a little sluggish, have frequent headaches, fighting unwanted weight, and want to ditch the belly bloat? A toxic lymph system, liver, and kidneys could be to blame.

The liver, kidneys, and lymph system provide a state of the art filtration system for the body. Everyday we are exposed to toxins through products we put on our skin, water we drink, food we eat (pesticides and various chemicals), various containers we drink from, the pans we cook in, and the environment. These toxins make their way into our bodies and eventually end up the the filtration systems of the lymph, kidneys, and liver. When these systems are healthy toxins are filtered, packaged and excreted. When the system become bogged down with excessive toxins the toxins cease to be packaged and excreted, but packaged and sent back into circulation within the body. These toxins then make their way into your fat stores growing the cells exponentially. Humans are born with a specific amount of fat cells. These cells neither be created or destroyed, they simply expand in size. Once this begins to happen your cells turn into endless dumping grounds for toxins, causing you to hold on to unwanted weight, and causing a variety of other health ailments such as frequent headache, high blood pressure, etc.

Working apple cider vinegar into your daily routine on a regular basis can aide in some serious detoxification of you and your cells. Try a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and a drop of honey if needed. The vinegar alkalizes the internal environment of the body, as well as aiding in digestion in the stomach. You can also place slices of lemon in your water, increase your leafy greens, and try making regular visits to the steam room at your favorite gym.

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