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Weigh-in photos and results for CES "Snow Brawl" in Lincoln, RI

Dany Lauzon and Damien Trites have an intense staredown in anticipation of their main event bout.
Dany Lauzon and Damien Trites have an intense staredown in anticipation of their main event bout.
PT Chita

News and notes from Wednesday night's weigh-ins for CES "Snow Brawl"

-Right off the bat we have some drama. Lauzon has weighed in at 166 for a 165 pound catch-weight bout. Apparantly, he is not allowed a one-pound overage in a catch-weight bout. Trites is unwilling to allow Lauzon the extra pound and Lauzon is unwilling to surrender a piece of his purse. Dan's brother, Joe Lauzon, tells me that Dany was told that he could come in with one pound extra at 166. However, the fight officials disagree. We've got a bit of a stand-still as the Dany and Joe work the phones trying to get this cleared up. After about a half hour, a visibly aggrevated Dan Lauzon gets dressed and heads off to cut the remaining weight. Thirty minutes later, Lauzon returns and tips the scales at 164.5. We have a main event.

-This was an interesting development as most people in the room, fighters included, did not seem to know that fighters are not allowed a one-pound overage in a catch-weight bout. We all learned something new yesterday.

-Damien Trites told me repeatedly that he is very happy with the fact that many people feel that he stands little chance against a UFC veteran like Lauzon. Trites is hungry and knows that this fight is his opportunity to make a name for himself in the sport.

-Although Jarrod Johnson told the crowd that a rematch was in order after his DQ victory over Lionel Young at CES "First Blood", Young hasn't heard any talk of a rematch and does not believe that it is a fight that fans would want to see.

-Disappointing news that local fighter and crowd favorite Mat Santos will not be fighting on the card as first Mat lost a potential rematch with Everilton "Soneca" Silva" and then his opponent Ed Medeiros withdrew. A visibly disappointed Santos mused that he will get over it, so long as he does not run into "Soneca" in the next month or so. Santos also mentioned that he really wants his next fight to be with Igor Gracie.

-Intense staredown between Trites and Lauzon. The contempt these two have for each other is palpable. Lauzon looked as though he would have been happy to throw down right then and there. Said Trites, “We really don’t like each other.” Roger that...

-After speaking with Joe Lauzon, it is easy to see that he is still clearly dejected from his loss to George Sotiropoulos. When mentioned that he was doing well in the fight, a disappointed Lauzon said "yeah for like two minutes." He said his shoulder was checked and cleared but he's not going to think about his next fight until January at the earliest.

I will be updating frequently with results from "Snow Brawl" live, here on Examiner. Check back tonight frequently for updates on all fights.

Full weigh-in results below:

Dany Lauzon (13-4-0), E. Bridgewater, MA 164 ½ LBS.
Damien Trites (5-3-0), Allston, Ma 165 LBS.

Tiawan Howard (7-5-0), Cleveland, OH 200 ½ LBS.
Greg Rebello (11-2-0), Providence, RI 197 LBS.

Jason Bennett (4-3-0), Middletown, CT 135 LBS.
Tateki Matsuda (4-3-0), Boston, MA 136 LBS.

Jeff Anderson (5-2-0), Lincoln, RI 154 LBS.
Hitalo Machado (6-4-0), Danbury, CT 156 LBS.

Lionel Young (4-4-0), Brockton, MA 156 LBS.
Luiz Rodrigues (3-0-0), Somerville, MA 155 LBS.

Doug Bolanes (Pro Debut), Framingham, MA 184 LBS.
Josh Labossiere (Pro Debut), Narragansett, RI 184 LBS.

Ruben Rey (1-1-0), Providence, RI 150 LBS.
James King (0-1-0), Brockton, MA 152 LBS.

Justin Switzer (0-1-0), Lincoln, RI 156 LBS.
Tyson Chartier (Pro Debut), Waltham, MA 156 LBS.


  • santos 4 years ago

    I said that about Soneca. I understand that Ed was withdrawn by a Dr. This is the second time that Soneca has backed out of a rematch.

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