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Weidman vs. Rousey: The Bottom Line @UFC 175

"I think that Davis has a good ground game, I know the people who work with her. She needs to work on her defense of takedowns and armbars, which are all Ronda has. The better plan for Alexis would be keep the fight standing. Everybody knows what Ronda is going to do. She only has her armbar, but the girls always let it happen. I will support Alexis, I want her to have a good fight, it's going to be a good opportunity for her. Actually, I want to shut Ronda up but I want Alexis to do a good job."

For Chris Weidman, true superstardom awaits with a win over Machida at UFC 175.
Photo by Gustavo Caballero

Cris "Cyborg", on tonight's UFC 175 bout and co-main event between Ronda Rousey and Alexis Davis in Las Vegas.

Bottom line? If only she could make 135lbs.

Cris "Cyborg" Justino clearly wants a piece of Rousey's ass on a platter (and maybe her head too), but she'll settle for a "good job" from Davis. If you read between the lines with clear lenses, she's all but telling you and everyone else that Davis basically has no shot.

She doesn't.

Don't let all the Hollywood bullsh*t and glamorous magazine photo shots fool you - Ronda Rousey is a badass of way more substance than style, and has earned her right to co-feature UFC 175. Even though Lyoto Machida is a legend in the sport, this is all about Ronda and Chris (Weidman that is).

Tonight, she'll make her 4th successful title defense in riveting fashion.

In beating the hell out of Davis (I don't even think she'll armbar her, she'll just straight up beat her), Ronda will once again show us another dimension to her brutal octagon ways. This, despite Cyborg's assertion that she's a "one-trick pony".

While Cyborg definitely has room to talk and is very capable of the crushing Ronda if they fought, there is nothing I've seen in Davis's game that tells me she's physically strong enough or fast enough to deal with Rousey in a stand-up fight, let alone on the ground.

I'm still impressed by what she did to finish Sarah McMann, and still not impressed with Davis's win over Jessica "Evil" Eye. I thought Jessica got robbed.

The pick here is Rousey via punishing 2nd round KO, and then hopefully a once and for all showdown with the monster that is Cyborg.


Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida is without a doubt my favorite fighter to watch in MMA. He reminds me a lot of my favorite fighter in Boxing, Manny Pacquiao. Not only do I not like picking against him (as I would if Manny were to face Mikey Garcia, but "shhhhhh!", we won't tell anybody), but I'm not exactly going to enjoy seeing him lose tonight - though I hope I'm wrong.

I'm not going to bet against myself, because that's how impressed I am by Weidman. I don't expect him to be at all bothered by Machida's athleticism, agility, unorthodox southpaw fighting ability, his speed...


He is the proverbial calm during the storm, and his unflappable nature to go along with an array of skills - will give him the edge. He'll more than likely find it very difficult to take Machida down, but he'll eventually do just that after wearing him down.

Its quite conceivable that Machida can find a way to speed and strike his way past Weidman, he is so preternaturally gifted in that way. But I think he'll fade just enough in a fight he's winning to allow Chris to cut off the cage and turn it into a ground game of attrition. That's a game Machida can't win.

In a fight that will more than validate his wins over the legendary Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman will breakdown stop Lyoto Machida via 4th round submission to become a real superstar in the sport.

And I hope like hell I'm wrong ("Go Dragon!")

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