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Weezer plays sold out show at The Fillmore in Charlotte

Weezer performing a live and sold out concert at The Fillmore music venue in Charlotte, NC.
Weezer performing a live and sold out concert at The Fillmore music venue in Charlotte, NC.
Lizzy Davis Photography

When popular Charlotte, North Carolina music venue The Fillmore made the announcement back in February that Weezer would be coming to town, it didn't take long for show tickets to sell out. The alternative American rock band has achieved much success and acknowledgement, including a triple platinum RIAA certification on their debut self-titled album released in 1994.

Weezer plays sold out show at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC.
Lizzy Davis Photography

Doors to The Fillmore opened up an hour before showtime, at 7:00 P.M on Wednesday. The room was already jam-packed with excited faces by the time opening band The Last Internationale walked on stage. The three piece band was founded just last year, but easily hooked the crowd with a rebel rock sound and female vocalist, Delila Paz. After performing a 30 minute long set, The Last Internationale turned the stage over to the evening's featured act.

A massive stylized "W" logo lit up the venue and multi-talented Weezer members Rivers Cuomo (vocals, guitar, keyboard, drums), Patrick Wilson (drums, guitar, vocals, keyboard), Brian Bell (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Scott Shriner (bass, vocals, keyboards) were loudly welcomed with cheers and applause as they ambled on stage. They opened their set with "My Name is Jonas," one of only a few songs on their set that was never a single, but did appear as a playable track in the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock video game. An all time large Weezer hit "Hash Pipe" kept the energy buzzing. Cuomo took a brief moment to say hello to the crowd, then invited everyone to sing along for the next song "Perfect Situation."

Throughout the entire show, the atmosphere was chilled back and relaxed, but still very alive and engaged. While heads casually bobbed to the beat and it seemed everyone knew all the words to nearly every song, there was no crowdsurfing or rough housing to be seen. When Weezer played "Island in the Sun" approximately halfway through their set, beach balls were tossed overhead the crowd and stage alike. Hits from every CD of the band's eight studio album discography were performed, making it nearly impossible to select just one highlighted moment.

Following the flawless execution of a cover of Blur's "Song 2," the Weezer members silently waved goodnight to their fans and disappeared behind a curtain. Even as guitar and drum techs appeared to be breaking down and putting equipment away, few patrons left their spots and instead chanted "Weezer, Weezer!" while holding their hands up in the shape of the letter 'W' to represent Weezer's logo. As has come to be routine at every concert, the unrelenting cheering was rewarded with a two song encore. The first song of the encore was "Memories," which Weezer has been performing as an unofficial tribute to Jackass star Ryan Dunn following his death in 2011. Weezer then performed their RIAA certified gold single "Buddy Holly," featuring a memorable finale, as they all huddled around Wilson's drum set and banged away at various symbols and snares.

Weezer is scheduled to play numerous shows between now and the end of summer and are included on this year's lineup of the Firefly Music Festival.