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"Weeping" Virgin Mary Statue in Tarhisha, Israel

Weeping Virgin Mary Statue
Weeping Virgin Mary Statue
associated press

Thousands of people have already visited what is being considered miraculous to say the least. The statue is in the living room of Osama and Amira Khoury where more than 2,000 visitors have been to visit the Virgin Mary Statue.

It seems to be constantly covered with oil, even after it is wiped away. "The family says it is most striking when a "tear" seems to roll down the statue's cheek."

The couple recently found the statue covered in oil and "Amira said the statue "spoke to her" and told her not to be afraid. After a neighbor witnessed the oil, word soon spread."

Whenever there is something that cannot be explained, something out of the ordinary we being the humans that we are will be skeptical and wave the red flag. Why must it always be negative? Why must it always be a hoax? Why do people cry wolf? Can we ever have something so positive and so beautiful that we need no explanation but to accept the truth as we know it. Whatever the cause may be, a truly beautiful mystery has unfolded.