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Weekly performance art openings (10/30/11 - 11/05/11)

The Tragedie of King Richard II runs through November 19th at Walker Community Church.
The Tragedie of King Richard II runs through November 19th at Walker Community Church.
Classical Actors Ensemble

Each week I endeavor to list new performance art productions opening around the Twin Cities. With such an abundance of companies and venues in the area, keeping track of openings can be a challenge, but I'll link whatever I can find. Provided descriptions are reprinted from production websites.

October 30th

Vox Lumiere: The Phantom of the Opera

Return to the world’s most famous opera house as Vox Lumiere dares to unmask the secrets of the phantom. Ambition, murder and the seductive allure of a dangerous secret come to life in this stirring new production the Los Angeles Times calls, “Absolutely riveting!” Vox Lumiere—The Phantom of the Opera is the next evolution in entertainment where rock concert meets theater and classic silent film for a spellbinding performance of modern theatrical magic. Vox Lumiere—The Phantom of the Opera: the same love affair... a whole new seduction! Runs one night only, October 30th, at the Ordway Center.

- from Vox Lumiere

November 3rd

Frank Theatre: Ajax in Iraq

Ajax in Iraqis a mash-up of Sophocles’ classic play Ajax and stories from today’s newspaper. Parallel narratives follow Ajax, a Greek warrior, and A.J., a contemporary female soldier on duty in Iraq, both of whom are undone by the betrayal of a commanding officer. The intersection of their stories explodes the timeless struggle in making sense of the madness of war. Runs at The Playwrights’ Center through 11/27.

- from Frank Theatre

Ghostbridge Theatre: Ask the Question

Can the Pakistani engineer accused of terrorist ties convince you he’s innocent? Will you drink the Elixir of Enlightenment offered by Loreleii’s radical free-market Leader? Is the Iraq vet suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or completely insane? And did that poet make the whole show up or is she just a creation herself? A series of character monologues, spoken word, dance, and live music explore faith, ideology, and loss of certainty in contemporary America. Answers are impossible to pin down, but the struggle to find them makes for a fascinating journey. Runs at Bryant Lake Bowl through 11/17.

- from Ghostbridge Theatre

November 4th

Brave New Workshop: Miracle on 824 Hennepin Avenue - Skyway to the Manger Zone

Audiences can take a break from the holiday crazies and laugh at the shopping, parties, and family stress-fests that punctuate this most wondrous time of year. The annual holiday revue will feature both festive new sketches and BNW yuletide favorites with the same audacious spirit of irreverent festivity the theatre has been cranking out for over 53 years. This will be the first show featuring the troupe's resident cast in the newly renovated 824 Hennepin Ave. theatre, nothing short of the best Christmas present ever. Not yet connected to the skyway, the new theatre offers ample parking options, several restrooms, and a full bar. Now do you believe in miracles? Runs through 01/28.

- from Brave New Workshop

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres: Forever Plaid presents Plaid Tidings

Plaid Tidings, the special holiday edition of Forever Plaid, is coming to our Fireside Stage. Everyone agrees, Plaid Tidings is a holiday musical gem suitable for the entire family. Your favorite Plaid Boys (Sparky, Smudge, Frankie and Jinx) have returned to Earth, are overtaken with the Christmas spirit, and can’t wait to entertain you! Enjoy audience favorites like their riotous version of "The Ed Sullivan Show" featuring the Rockettes, the Chipmunks, and even The Vienna Boys Choir. This "heaven-sent" holiday treat will put everyone in the holiday mood! Runs through 12/31.

- from Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Classical Actors Ensemble: The Tragedie of King Richard II

Who deserves to rule, the rightful leader or the skillful leader? England’s nobles have lost their patience for King Richard’s capricious rule and financial mismanagement. When Richard’s cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, returns from banishment to claim his dead father's estate, Richard's days on the throne become numbered. Does Richard relinquish the throne or does Henry seize it? And are the challenges of absolute power too much for anyone? Wildly popular in its day, Richard II examines the psychology of leadership and the dual nature of hubris and ambition through a blend of national history and personal tragedy. Runs at Walker Community Church through 11/19.

- from Classical Actors Ensemble

Eat Street Players: Lend Me a Tenor

It’s September 8th, 1934, and Cleveland’s premiere opera producer is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The tickets are sold, the stage is set, and the thirty-piece orchestra is ready. But, it’s about to become un disastro gigantesco, because it’s three minutes to curtain, and the leading man - the greatest tenor in the world - has gone missing! Runs at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center through 11/13.

- from Eat Street Players

Jungle Theater: I Am My Own Wife

The Jungle reunites actor Bradley Greenwald and director Joel Sass to tell the astounding true story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. Collector of antiques, non-conformist, and guardian of the past, Charlotte survived the Nazi terror and the communist oppression of East Germany. What makes her story so extraordinary is that Charlotte von Mahlsdorf was a man, and lived her defiant, distinctive life adamantly on her own terms. One of the most popular shows the Jungle has produced, and winner of a 2006 IVEY Award for Performance. Runs through 12/18.

- from Jungle Theater

Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company: Going to the Soirée

Going to the Soirée brings out the character driven work that has become the staple of Kinetic Evolutions artistic explorations of late. The dancers compliment and contrast each other with distinct personas and styles. Sometimes they get along and sometimes they seem ready to compete. Excitement and anticipation build as the dance takes the audience on this theatrical soirée. Runs at Old Arizona through 11/12.

- from Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company

Sandbox Theatre: The Mad Trapper of Rat River

It's Canada's greatest mystery. For two months in the winter of 1932, Albert Johnson outwitted and outgunned Canada's Mounted Police; leading them on an incredible manhunt through the frigid wilderness of the Canadian Northwest. But who was he? A petty criminal, a man with a ghostly past, or ghost himself? A fantastic mystery of violence, identity, and how folklore turns into its own reality. Runs at Nimbus Theater through 11.19.

- from Sandbox Theatre

Savage Umbrella Theater: The Ravagers

Trapped in a totalitarian world controlled by their father, fifty daughters hurdle down a path of deception and murder. The Ravagers explores what happens when one daughter discovers herself at the precipice between obedience and resistance. Inspired by the The Suppliants, The Ravagers is a world premiere play by Blake E. Bolan with Laura Leffler-McCabe, collaboratively created with Savage Umbrella. Runs at the Hollywood Theatre through 11/19.

- from Savage Umbrella Theater

November 5th

Joking Envelope: CineMadness

A comedy/variety show about the movies--live on stage! Bill Corbett (Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax) and Joseph Scrimshaw ("King of Comedy"-MN Monthly) obsess over every aspect of the movie experience! Featuring comedy, music, an audience quiz, special guests, and ironically, no actual movies whatsoever! Runs at Bryant Lake Bowl through 11/19.

- from Joking Envelope

Youth Performance Company: MEAN

Daily there are accounts in the media of students bullying one another, often resulting in tragic consequences. YPC tackles the tough subject of bullying and much more in this original drama, MEAN. We follow three students, a young woman being teased about her physical appearance, a young man being harassed for his perceived sexual orientation, and a young Muslim woman being tormented by her peers because of her faith. Each provides stories highlighting the cruel effects of bullying. Recommended for Grades 5 and above. Runs through 11/23.

- from Youth Performance Company

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