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Weekly performance art openings (10/23/11 - 10/29/11)

The Loring Theater presents Haunted Theater: Fallout through 10/31.
The Loring Theater presents Haunted Theater: Fallout through 10/31.
Travis Anderson

Each week I endeavor to list new performance art productions opening around the Twin Cities. With such an abundance of companies and venues in the area, keeping track of openings can be a challenge, but I'll link whatever I can find. Provided descriptions are reprinted from production websites.

October 24th

Junkyard Theater: Geek in the Pink

In honor of the 5-year anniversary of her stage debut, Mistress Ginger is throwing a party. She’s inviting all of her old friends: faithful handyman Saliva Jones, the late Irita Foucault, that damn dancing panda, the merciless Missionary Man, and you! Serving up selections from "Broadway Bound...and Gagged," "The Mistress Ginger Junkyard Spectacular," and "Bedroom Eyes,” Ginger and friends take a glorious romp through the Junkyard where mystery and dreams continue to be found. Runs at Bryant Lake Bowl through 10/28.

- from Junkyard Theater

Loring Theater: Haunted Theater - Fallout

Back for its second year, Haunted Theater returns with a new angle: Fallout. An old fallout shelter discovered in the theater’s basement provides the perfect catalyst for this year’s Haunted Theater inspiration, The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Audiences must be prepared to move around the space which covers more than 1000 feet of fear. The space includes stairways, corridors and dimly lit areas. Lighting and sound effects, including strobe lights may be used. Be prepared to party like there’s no tomorrow at the End of the World Party in the theater lobby before and after your experience. Runs through 10/31.

- from Loring Theater

October 25th

Ordway Center: Luna Negra Dance Theater

Dedicated to the creation of bold works by Latino contemporary choreographers, Luna Negra Dance Theater serves as a springboard for Latino artists to give expression to their stories and bring new, spirited life to the cultures of their communities. Luna Negra offers its audiences effervescent, energetic and passionate contemporary Latino dance, reflecting the compelling cultural shift that is shaping America in the 21st century. Runs one night only, 10/25.

- from the Ordway Center

October 27th

Ballet of the Dolls: Songs for a Swan

The season kicks off with a solo performance by Artistic Director Myron Johnson. In 1995, Johnson created a solo show titled Move This! Now, 16 years later, he takes the stage again in a solo performance, supported musically by a DJ with some previously chosen selections… and some surprises. An evening of intimate and private thoughts, memories, hopes and perceptions, from a visionary celebrating fifty years on the stage! Each night will be different - maybe a little dangerous - but always fearless in this no-holds-barred personal examination of a life lived in the theater-the absurdities, the dreams, the loneliness, the curtain calls. Runs through 11/06.

- from Ballet of the Dolls

University of Minnesota Theater: The Crucible

Arthur Miller's classic play about the Salem Witch Trials serves as a 'more relevant than ever' look at fear, manipulation, and power. Presented by the U of M/Guthrie BFA Sophomore Company. Runs through 10/30.

- from University of Minnesota Theater

October 28th

Minneapolis Musical Theatre: Bat Boy – The Musical!

Returning to the Twin Cities for the first time, this musical horror spoof - based on a story in The Weekly World News about a half-boy/half-bat creature - has had audiences rolling in the aisles since its critically-acclaimed Off-Broadway premiere. Rescued from a cave and taken in by the empathetic wife of the local veterinarian, "Edgar" quickly learns to speak and act in civilized ways - even falling in love with his mentor's daughter. Danger looms, however, as we learn a deep, dark secret. Fast-paced and hilarious, this off-kilter satire offers clever musical numbers, a hilarious plot, surprising twists, and a lesson in the agony of being different and accepting your inner beast! Runs at Illusion Theater through 11/13.

- from Minneapolis Musical Theatre

Morris Park Players: Hello, Dolly!

When the self-proclaimed "meddling" matchmaking widow Dolly Levi arrives in Yonkers, New York, love is in the air not only for her client, the gruff Horace Vandergelder (the well-known half-a-millionaire), but also for his niece, his hay and feed store clerks, and even for Dolly herself. Laughter and love walk hand-in-hand through this charming and hilarious musical. Runs through 11/12.

- from Morris Park Players

Ten Thousand Things: Il Campiello

The daily lives of four scrappy, hard-working, hard-playing families on a small square are interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious wealthy stranger during Carnival. Steven Epp adapts Carlo Goldoni's commedia-inspired piece. Runs through 11/13 at various locations throughout the Twin Cities.

- from Ten Thousand Things

October 29th

Minnesota Jewish Theatre: Our Class

It's Poland in 1925, and 10 young Jewish and Catholic children, all classmates, share their dreams of what they would like to be when they grow up. As the friends grow older, things in their small town change. Poland is first invaded by the Soviets and then the Nazis. A fervent nationalism develops and bitterness ensues. In a series of events, friends betray each other and violence escalates to an unimaginable end. Based on true events, Our Class explores human behavior with a captivating boldness. Runs through 11/20.

- from Minnesota Jewish Theatre

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