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Weekly NGG: Star Wars VII, indie games, Disney Infinity Marvel, and more!

With teases from Nintendo, E3 looms ever closer. The hype train has started, but that leaves a lot of tight lips on big news. For those hungry for scraps, here’s this week’s News, Games, Geeks.

This is the logo for STF.
This is the logo for STF.
Capybara Games, Microsoft


  • The cast of Star Wars VII was announced
  • Microsoft revealed TV programs that will appear exclusively on Xbox Live
  • Defiance is going Free-to-Play next month
  • Disney unveiled their new line of Marvel figures for Disney Infinity due out in the fall
  • Sony announced slurry of new indie games headed to the PS4
  • Microsoft revealed May’s free games for Xbox Live Gold Members: Dust an Elysian Tail and Saints Row 3
  • Art assets were revealed for the canceled Star Wars game, 1313
  • Stealth Inc 2 was announced as a Wii U exclusive

Release Dates

  • Driveclub – 10/7
  • Super Time Force - 5/14

Tristan’s Articles/Videos

  • Taking a look back at Kirby’s artiest adventures
  • Game Deals: $5 games
  • Kirby's Artiest Adventures: Dreamland 3, Canvas Curse, and Epic Yarn

NGG Video Playlist

  • Tony Hawk DYKG
  • Uncanny Valley trailer
  • Mega64 Nintendo E3 news
  • TMNT trailer
  • Quest for Infamy trailer
  • Mario Kart 8 trailer
  • Rise of Incarnates trailer
  • Murdered Souls Suspect trailer
  • Destiny trailer
  • Omori trailer