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Weekly NGG: Star Wars VII, indie games, Disney Infinity Marvel, and more!

With teases from Nintendo, E3 looms ever closer. The hype train has started, but that leaves a lot of tight lips on big news. For those hungry for scraps, here’s this week’s News, Games, Geeks.

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Capybara Games, Microsoft


  • The cast of Star Wars VII was announced
  • Microsoft revealed TV programs that will appear exclusively on Xbox Live
  • Defiance is going Free-to-Play next month
  • Disney unveiled their new line of Marvel figures for Disney Infinity due out in the fall
  • Sony announced slurry of new indie games headed to the PS4
  • Microsoft revealed May’s free games for Xbox Live Gold Members: Dust an Elysian Tail and Saints Row 3
  • Art assets were revealed for the canceled Star Wars game, 1313
  • Stealth Inc 2 was announced as a Wii U exclusive

Release Dates

  • Driveclub – 10/7
  • Super Time Force - 5/14

Tristan’s Articles/Videos

  • Taking a look back at Kirby’s artiest adventures
  • Game Deals: $5 games
  • Kirby's Artiest Adventures: Dreamland 3, Canvas Curse, and Epic Yarn

NGG Video Playlist

  • Tony Hawk DYKG
  • Uncanny Valley trailer
  • Mega64 Nintendo E3 news
  • TMNT trailer
  • Quest for Infamy trailer
  • Mario Kart 8 trailer
  • Rise of Incarnates trailer
  • Murdered Souls Suspect trailer
  • Destiny trailer
  • Omori trailer
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