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Weekly NGG: E.T. games found, PlayStation Plus perks, new 3DS games, and more!

Well goodness gracious great balls of news. What a stellar week compared to the past few. Tons of great trailers and news bits abound dear readers. It’s time to get sucked into this week’s News, Games, Geeks.

This is a piece of promo art for the new PW game.


  • Blizzcon 2014 has been dated for November 7-8
  • A new Fatal Frame game is being developed for the Wii U
  • The sequel to Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, Curtain Call, is coming to the West sometime this year for the 3DS
  • The long sought after classic PSOne RPG, Suikoden 2, is finally slated to hit PSN sometime soon
  • Mario Golf: World Tour will be the first Nintendo game receiving a DLC Season Pass
  • The PlayStation Now Beta has revealed more games in its test lineup along with plans for rental services
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity has leaked details revealing a passible four-player co-op mode
  • May’s PlayStation Plus lineup has been revealed
  • The new 3DS Phonic Wright game will take place in the distant past starring one of his ancestors
  • The next line of Skylanders has been revealed for the fall: Skylanders Trap Team
  • Microsoft announced the Xbox One will launch in Japan on September 4
  • Microsoft, as part of a documentary team, found the place where it was rumored to have hundreds of Atari E.T. games buried

Release Dates

  • Dragon Age inquisition – 10/7
  • Tales of Xillia 2 - 8/19

NGG Video Playlist

  • Harvest Moon DYKG
  • Evolve trailer
  • Watch Dogs gameplay
  • Dragon Age Inquisition trailer
  • Harry Potter anime spoof
  • GTA Professor Layton parody
  • Frozen Thriller parody
  • Phoenix Wright trailer
  • Mad Max trailer
  • Lupin the Third film trailer
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