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Weekly MMO Rundown with a Chance for Free Loot

Star Trek Undine Armor
Star Trek Undine Armor
Perfect World Entertainment, Cryptic Studios

Free Loot…Maybe

The folks over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun are offering a “Caer-Konig Supply Pack”. It’s a limited offer to celebrate the Icewind Dale Expansion for Neverwinter. Unfortunately, this offer is all kinds of broken at the moment. For example, the “Redeem it over here” link they provide doesn’t actually work. In order to redeem your key you actually have to have the Arc Client installed. The redeem key options are ONLY available through the client, they are not available from your Perfect World account page(s). Once you redeem the key, the client will inform you that you have gained access to the Beta. No in-game items appear yet for most players. If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

Rift 2.7: Binding of Blood Released

The support Oracle, raid-healing Liberator, tanking Arbiter, and main-healing Physician are now available, as are new Soul Quests exploring their lore as well as new raids, a new Warfront and the Summerfest event is kicking off in game.

Now may be a great time to join up with the Ascend a Friend bonuses.

Star Trek Goes Undine

A new Undine Lockbox is available and offers players the chance at some really new ship models with unique features. In addition, the new armor for Captain’s looks like space lizards. I definitely want this for my custom space dragon Federation officer.

Tera Releases a New Class

For players who have at least one character level 40 or above, they have the option of creating a new level 50 Repaer. The Reaper is an Elin only, melee-short-range hybrid DPS class. Players are also receiving a free additional character slot, so anyone can make a Reaper.

Other MMO Updates

· ArcheAge releases new livestream focusing on Mounts and Airships.

· Something is happening with the Black Watchmen.

· Closed beta begins for the Steampunk MMO Black Gold Online.

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