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Weekly MMO Roundup - Von Bach Returns to Defiance - WoW Still Top MMO

Von Bach Returns to Defiance
Von Bach Returns to Defiance
Trion Worlds, Inc.

Guild Wars 2 – Gates of Maguuma

  • New quests in Brisban Wildands
  • Elite achievements for replaying content via the Journal System
  • Living World content for level 80 characters

Defiance – Von Bach Returns

Attention ark hunters: Karl Von Bach, missing scientist-CEO of Von Bach Industries, has turned up alive at Twin Peaks station. He appears to have conquered death itself ... and is offering to share his secrets in the form of a new, free EGO for all takers.

VBI is anxious to confirm Von Bach's identity and investigate his offer in a series of new missions now available in-game. Log in today to help Azumi Yoshida in a developing story line with implications for both the game and show, and tune in to Syfy Thursdays at 8/7c to watch as new crossover events unfold!

Rift Patron Benefits Get Supercharged

Ascend your Ascended experience with a 40% passive boost to all XP, favor, Notoriety, Prestige and Tokens! Become a patron today!

Lord of the Rings – Paths of the Dead

Now available Update 14 brings players three new regions of West Gondor to explore and defend the lands of men against dangerous invaders. Download latest content now.

World of Warcraft is still #1

While not much in the way of news lately as Blizzard is gearing up for its late 2014 expansion, the MMO is still top dog at $1B dollar power house and is still the game with the highest subscriber player base ever.

Top 10 Subscription Based MMOs

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Lineage 1
  3. Tera
  4. Star Wars the Old Republic
  5. Lord of the Rings Online
  6. EVE
  7. Aion
  8. Blade and Soul
  9. Lineage 2
  10. Rift
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