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Weekly Horoscopes Feb 16

Free horoscopes,love horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings
Free horoscopes,love horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings

Aries - This week will be important to be aware of how other's feel about what you say and do. Get involved with those around you that respect and share your love of life.

Taurus - Avoid deceptiveness in others this week. The temptation to be manipulative is very strong.

Gemini - Use your natural teaching ability as you will learn something that can move you forward.

Cancer - This is your week to shine! You'll be more popular than ever at home and work.

Leo - Look before you leap - especially into or out of a relationship. Patience will go a long way to positively affect you in the next few weeks.

Virgo - Try to calm your mind about the future and concentrate on the here and now. There may be sadness in remembering someone dear to you that has passed on.

Libra - Your home and those who share it with you are front and center this week. Your natural diplomatic ways may get over-ridden by the need to be very truthful.

Scorpio - Your intuition is in high gear this week especially as it pertains to children. Trust what that small still voice is telling you.

Sagittarius - Try to focus on those things that are not yet finished. You'll be glad you did. Go out and socialize to break the stagnant feelings you may be experiencing.

Capricorn - You may unexpectedly meet a person you have been waiting for. If you are already attached, you'll feel the love!

Aquarius - If you'll become aware of what you say and do, you could avoid confrontations some of what may be attached to the past.

Pisces - This is your week for high intuition and perception of others. If you think you have a hunch, trust your intuition.

Jeanne's full love horoscopes can be found here for this week. For more information on how to get a reading from Jeanne visit the site.

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