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Weekly Horoscope: April 14th to April 21st

This week Mercury moves into Aries and conjuncts Uranus, leading to unexpected changes and situations. This week actions speak louder than words. Let's take a look at the horoscope for each Sun sign.

It is a pretty hectic time for you, but this isn’t something new because life has been hectic for a while now. The best thing you can do is to not allow frenzy to distract you. This week, the universe sparks your creativity and wakes up your inner genius – new ideas will simply flow to you.

This week you seem to develop a sixth sense. Make sure to use it in order to help not only yourself, but also others. At every turn, spread your positive energy by performing random acts of kindness, no matter how big or how small. You will surely feel your karma returning every single good deed, making you happier and calmer.

You are like a magnet this week: people come to you for various reasons and you easily blend into any group. Wherever you go, you are welcomed and appreciated. The high-quality of your social life will make you feel more relaxed and confident.

During the entire week you may be asked several times to handle greater responsibility, work hard, and then accept public acclaim. People who know you consider you one of a kind, a person born to achieve greatness – this should be encouraging.

If great ideas have been flowing to you lately, then make sure to find ways of implementing some of them this week. Generally speaking, Leos “roar” their opinions without acting upon them. But this week, it’s time for a change.

Be prepared to meet the perfect partner: this week you feel alluring and sexy, so you can attract any person you may desire. All Virgos will have a great week, feeling more confident than ever before. Be bold and set the world on fire.

This week you may feel tempted to argue with those around you, but before you get your claws out, sit back and breathe deeply. Let the positive vibes of this week cool over you and wash away any tension. You will have to take a step back and let things follow their course.

You have no problems planning out, so whatever task you may have to accomplish won’t seem as difficult. You are a bundle of living energy and good luck seems to follow you everywhere. One thing you can try this week is to delegate others to do some of your tasks – make your life easier and relax.

If you’ve been experiencing a creative block over the past few days or weeks, this week you will discover exciting methods to reactivate your creative juices. Let your instincts guide you. Dance, paint or write. This week you will be the soul of the party and everyone will want to be around you.

You have probably been considering changing your home, but wait until next week before you actually begin doing it. This week you fully reap the fruits of your labor and you will also be able to get all you need without much effort and for a low price. So allow your inner artist to express himself/herself and redecorate, redecorate, redecorate!

You are particularly charming this week, and thanks to your diplomacy, you manage to enter any group. Fortunately for you, your genius sparks will light your way. Remember to keep an open mind and to make sure you don’t get over-enthusiastic.

If you don’t have quite a lot of money, don’t worry. The universe comes up with surprising ways to bring you abundance and prosperity. Your heart longs to surround itself with beautiful things and people. Anything seems to be possible this week. Avoid any fishy schemes and situations.

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