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Weekly Crowdfunding opportunity in Seattle "Expectancy" Film by Jessica Dho

Expectancy Film
Matthew Dho


Every week we feature a Kickstarter, Indiegogo or some other new film that is in production in Seattle that you may feel inclined to donate too and help become a movie!

"Expectancy" is a new short film that explores the plight of a young teenage girl growing up in a abusive household.

A short film exploring the life of a teenage girl growing up in an abusive household in suburban America.

Welcome and thank you for reading our story!

After 2 years of hard work Expectancy is finally in production!

Expectancy is a short drama shot in spectacular Seattle with local actors, crew members, artists, vendors and locations. Your contribution will help us complete the filming process of the film as well as the final stage of post-production including color correction, sound design, music and festival submissions.

All locations have been scouted, equipment has been secured and most of the crew is ready to go. These funds are to pay for post-production.

Story Line

Expectancy is a short drama about Sam, a shy teenage girl with an abusive father and a loving boyfriend. Sam finds herself at the beginning of the film pregnant and with nowhere to turn and no one to talk to she contemplates the varying choices in her mind. Suicide, abortion, escape. Sam like so many girls growing up in households without communication, finds herself without a voice and in the end decides to take matters into her own hands to find salvation.

Project History

Expectancy has been in development since 2012 when screenwriter Matthew Dho first brought the beat sheet to the films director Jessica Dho. At that time it was titled Screaming Abyss. Jessica loved the story concept and worked with Matthew to craft it into a fluid, psychologically charged drama. In Spring 2014 Expectancy completed its pre-production and awaits shooting in July.

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