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Weekly Chinese Horoscope, May 5th to May 11th

You’ll encounter some issues in your work, but your friends will be there to help you. It is a favorable week for endeavors which require self-assurance and dynamism. Communicating with your children may prove quite difficult this week. Make sure to keep in check your cholesterol level.

You’ll become more popular this week as more people seek your company. However, it is better for you not to take part in gossiping. Take all necessary measures and precautions to prevent falls, cuts, explosions, and burns. Also, if it’s feasible, don’t go out into public places and don’t join big crowds.

In dealing with your children, try to be both firm and understanding. You may be vulnerable to insomnia. When it comes to managing your material possessions, you can’t indulge in fantasy; you have to be rigorous, otherwise unpleasant surprises will come up at the wrong moment.

This week, you will have the opportunity to achieve the goals and projects which you've been working on for quite a long while. Your parents may give you trouble, but try to understand their point of view, too, treating them with calm and patience. You my experience a small health issue, such as a cough or a headache.

It is a favorable week for you to embark on a new undertaking. Keep in mind that you must keep your promises no matter what if you want others to continue to trust you. If you're not currently in a relationship, know that this week you’ll tie some rather promising bonds.

Your natural charm will help you make many amorous conquests this week. In terms of finances, things may seem quite morose, but don’t worry, things will change. Use natural products in order to strengthen your immune system. Also, it is advisable that you pay careful attention to your children this week. Stay dedicated at work and you’ll get that promotion faster than you think.

Be more patient with your goals and plans – things need time to grow. This week you’ll make new friends really fast. Learn to relax and to breathe deeply, otherwise your nervousness might affect you both physically and psychologically. There may appear tension in your interactions with family members.

Success is always directly proportional to your efforts, so keep this in mind next time you feel like complaining about your failures. Your best friend’s help will prove vital this week. Think of making savings. Couples which have had some issues lately will regain balance and stability. Keep your impulsiveness under control.

This is a favorable week for important financial transactions, such as selling or buying a house. A rather complicated family issue will need all your attention and energy. It is possible that one of your superiors at the workplace, with whom you’ve been getting along really well, will depart – just don’t get too emotional and dramatic.

Your wit and vivaciousness of mind will increase greatly. Health-wise, you may experience some digestive and intestinal troubles because of your excessive nervousness. This week you’ll receive nice sums of money. As for your career, professional chances will be reinforced. Use your intuition to make the best choices.

This week your original ideas will finally be noticed and appreciated. Don't take things at heart otherwise you may suffer a nervous breakdown. It is recommended that you refrain from rich dishes, pastry, and butter. It is the perfect time to pay a visit to your parents.

Your life will be marked by tension this week, so be vigilant and cautious in your commitments. Although your family responsibilities may suddenly seem too heavy for you to bear, have courage and faith – better days shall come. In the love area, you'll be quite hesitant. When interacting with others, be cautious: some people will try to influence you in order to take advantage of you at your own expense.

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