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Weekly CCG Events at A+ Comics

Lexington's own A+ Comics & Collectibles (123 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY 40503) has updated its event callendar for 2012. Weekly card game tournaments and their descriptions are as follows:

Sunday - Pokemon All-Stars (1pm to 5pm)

Free Entry - Pokemon All-Stars League is to allow Pokemon players the opportunity to play in a fun and safe environment. A+ Comocs has a very structured format to allow players to develope new friendships and learn different strategies. This is an adult supervised event every week.

Tuesday- Magic: The Gathering Stand Tour (6:30pm to 11:30pm)

$5.00 entry fee - Magic: The Gathering standard format tournament. 3-5 rounds depending upon player entries with 50 minute rounds. Prizes also based on player entries.

Tursday - Magic: The Gathering Booster Draft (6:30pm to 12:30am Friday)

$12 entry fee - Booster Draft format. For your entry fee you shall receive 3 booster packs consisting of 2 Scars of Mirroden & 1 New Pyrexia. Along with your packs for the draft there is a prize pool of packs determined based upon the amount of player entries.

Friday - Magic: The Gathering FNM Booster Draft (6:30pm to 12:30am Saturday)

$12 entry fee. As the standard booster draft, but the top 3 players & the person in last place still in the store at the end of the tournament receive a Friday Night Magic card.

Saturday - Yu-gi-oh! Standard Tournament (11am to 3:30pm)

$6 entry fee. Yu-gi-oh! Tournament Standard Deck Event. Every player gets 1 pack of Yu-gi-oh! cards free. Players will play in 4 rounds. Top 8 move on after round 4. Prizes paid out to top 4.

For further information, see the A+ Comics Event Callendar.


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