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Weekly Astrology for early August.

Flowers and Sunshine
Flowers and Sunshine
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

July was a period of much movement, with planets changing signs and decoration. August is a period when the planets are doing what the Avatar movies describe as airbending—that is setting off dynamic connections with the conjunctions and aspects they make. It is as if the winds are whipping up the fires as the water signs are creating steam heat with the aspects they make. As the hot Leo Sun blazes into the second decan (ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance) from August 3-12, we can feel the inner urges pushing us up from our sedate or brooding positions giving us the burning desires of the water snake (the symbol of Leo’s 2nd decan). Deeply spiritual, yet not interested in becoming beholding to religious constraints, gurus, or traditions, the energy of Leo now takes on more spontaneous, primal, and creative energy to seek and find their own way, guided by intuitive and cosmic messages.

Also typical of the Sun’s passage through the second decan of Leo, is the appearance of the shadow aspects of Leo—the flair for the dramatic, the needs to roar, and the tendency to let their reasoning lead them into lengthy debates. I notice trying to have a discussion with a Leo (of which I am surrounded by), quickly leads into debate, with no chance of ending in a tie, compromise, or healthy live-and-let-live ‘to each their own’ resolution (something Pisces and Libras seek with a vengeance).

With Jupiter ruling this decan, this tendency is exaggerated. The positive expression of this quality is the ability to organize others beautifully, albeit against their will or desire. They get straight to the point, and suffer no fools. This is a time that those with strong Leo influences can make the greatest impact. With the healthiest egos in the zodiac, 2nd decan Leos take an either-or, us vs. them approach to life. Seeking complete control and dominance in some arena or fighting against the powers that be, 2nd decan Leo takes a stand that pits them against anyone who opposes them. They tend to go to extremes with everything—including spiritual practices, their generosity, or in the expansion of their influence, power, king/queendoms, and vast estates and wealth. While slow to invest in something new, when committed to a cause or purpose, there is no stopping them. This can also be the downfall, as 2nd decan Leos need to curb and reign in their energy, expansive goals and desires, in order to keep themselves from burning out.

During this period of time, the fiery drama and histrionics of others around them, propel 2nd decan Leos (or this aspect of your life/chart) with the capacity to remain calm, centered, and motionless in the middle of the chaos going on around you. Look to the area of your chart that is ruled by the 2nd decan of Leo, and you will probably notice that this area is where much attention, action, and energy is drawn during this period of the Sun’s transit through Leo. With all the conjunctions and other aspects setting off the planets now transiting Leo, this should be a very active and dramatic time for you.

As the week begins, the Sun is at 12/16 degrees of Leo, the Moon is transiting Scorpio at 20/2 degrees, and Mercury is in the first decan of Leo (still being influenced by Cancer’s caution and need for nourishment and security) at 7/51 degrees. This month the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus continue to focus our attention on a particular area of our lives where we need to and are learning to see something vital and urgent for our growth and understanding. Depending upon whether we respond to this aspect by letting ourselves get blown out of the water by something that seems to be overwhelming and drastic, or by seeing the interconnectedness of life in general and our path within the larger scheme of things, we will have more highly focused energy directed in this area, tests to challenge or urge us to change, and both the time and need to examine how this is having a long-term effect on us. Look to see where Venus is transiting (20/45 Cancer)—this is the area of your life that requires close and careful inspection and also is calling something vital to your attention. Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Scorpio are the areas of your chart/life through which you are experiencing, viewing, and forming your perceptions about this area. So whatever Uranus in Aries has been triggering, taking away or bringing to you as well as what Saturn in Scorpio has been waking up within you, are those elements that give you access into the deeper understanding of what is going on in the area of transformation that Venus is triggering. For example, if Venus in Cancer is transiting your 9th house (higher education, foreign cultures and people, higher ideals, philosophy, spirituality, and long distance travel) notice how events happening in Aries (6th house-physical body/health and daily life and work) and awakenings in Scorpio (2nd house-self worth, personal values, finances) are pointing to changes in that 9th house experience? Oftentimes, the areas of our lives where the most growth , turmoil, upset, or challenges are taking place are pointing us into the direction of what needs to change or be transformed in another very important area of our lives. We do best to use astrological knowledge as a guide to se how the parts are working together for the whole, and this month that is certainly true for whatever area of our lives this telescope of transformation is allowing us to view, understand, and experience what is already in the process of changing so that we may grow more fully. As a whole, with the Uranus and Venus square, we are looking at how we have suffered from abuse, misuse, or have debased ourselves in order to seek and find love and connection. The square pinpoints the areas of our lives where we have suffered from violence or oppression or from a withholding of love or fulfillment due to deception, dishonesty, or simply from not understanding the limits of others to give and receive love.

When we find ourselves in unfulfilling relationships, we may be caught in the trap of thinking we are meant to learn or teach someone something. Oftentimes the lesson is that we are to learn and teach ourselves that we are settling for something less than what we need and want simply as a means to continue living out an illusion, fantasy, or expectation that is no longer sustainable, or that we might have realized or recognized as false or untrue. It could also shed light on something we have experienced as unfulfilled desire, unrequited love, or an expression of deep love and commitment that had been held back for years. This is a particularly important time to pay attention to your subconscious thoughts, dreams, and intuitive knowledge. The truth is there; all you have to do is acknowledge it and pay attention.

Later in the month, August 8-11when the intensity of this telescopic focus ends, we will enter a learning triangle with the stellium of Sun, Mercury, Lilith and Venus squaring both Saturn and Uranus showing us how to deal with, break away from, or where you are longing to break free from chains that bind you.

This week:

Sunday, August 3.

Just a note about Saturday night. I heard so many people talking about having bad dreams, and I had one myself, that I thought I would mention that the Moon made a conjunction with Mars late at night, and this very likely triggered dreams to be linked to our emotional fears more than anything else. Whatever we fear or whatever is causing us to suffer in any way, is triggered by the Moon’s movement into conjunction with Mars in the early degrees of Scorpio. Our subconscious/unconscious was awoken to remind us how our fears block us and affect us. That which we fear, rises up to remind us that we do not need to be ruled by our fears; we need to use our understanding to overcome our fears.

On Sunday, the Moon formed its First quarter square with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Scorpio. This lent itself to some crisis-dominated energy. We may have felt compelled to adjust whatever we started at the July 26 New Moon in Leo. We meet with the first challenges, blocks, or doubts we may have about whatever we are starting. This aspects affects those with planets between 10-14 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius.

Venus remains in Cancer until August 12, nurturing our need to mother, nourish, and protect. We long to put roots down (in relationships), and feel comfort in whatever has stood the test of time in areas of romance and social experiences and connections. Between July 31-August 1, Venus formed a trine with Saturn, and that should have allowed us to learn more about what underpins our perceptions, patterns, understanding, and needs in our relationships. What do we need? What do we have or not have? and what is blocking us from having what we need and desire? The search is internal—look inwardly for these answers for the answers are there.
Late last night (PDT) or early this morning (EDT) Mercury in Leo formed a quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. This raised the head of uncertainty from our unconscious, and sent us on a trip into our heads where we may feel lost in thought or may find ourselves feeling indecisive or uncertain about many things. In our dreams, this may have been experienced as dreams full of images reflecting the polarities we are faced with. In one dream I had last night, I met an old shadow figure in a dark room. She was beckoning me from the light room where I was through a door that was transparent. Out of that meeting, I had an epiphany or recognition of something that I knew to be true that had had a tremendous impact on my life. In the dream, I met my own uncertainty, and recognized a truth about my own life experience. Nighttime aspects are particularly interesting when looking at what arises from our dream state during those times.

On Tuesday, Venus in 20 degrees of Cancer, forms a seisquiquadate with Neptune in Pisces. This connects us to what makes us happiest. We see and experience life as we want to, and can overlook or temporarily forget what may be plaguing the world or ourselves. We can enjoy life fully at this time, and we may experience a somewhat dreamy quality during this time. Plan on enjoying yourself; myself, I’ve planned a lovely day to spend with my family.

Later in the day, Saturn trines Chiron, and we feel competent, effective, and secure in our own being. We use traditions and innovations as ways to express ourselves in unique ways. We find ways to go our own way, find meaning that fits our life style and path, and we do so without creating controversy or upsetting any apple carts. We experience humbleness of being and feel that life, as it is, is good. Regardless of the circumstances or conditions we experience, we have a rare moment of feeling that life is deeply good and redeeming. We understand and feel ourselves at the core of our own being, and find what is good is stronger than what is weak. We act from a place of deep conviction, love, and compassion.

Mercury in Leo forms a seisquiquadrate to Pluto in Capricorn. Both written and oral communication can become controversial under this influence. We find decision making difficult, and we may need to adjust plans. My suggestion: go with the flow today, and learn how to move more mindfully. Release the expectations that everything has to go according to plan; it rarely does, so adjust.


Mars in the early degrees of Scorpio is trine to Neptune in Pisces. Today we can trust our intuition, need to follow our creative impulses, and can spend the day in a more relaxed and inspired frame of mind than usual. Get outdoors, walk on the beach, go jump in lake, or do some laps in a pool. Take your paints and sketching outdoors, and act on all creative impulses. Revel in the beauty of life today.


Mercury in Leo conjuncts the Sun. Communication is aligned to our thoughts and desires, and we are able to express ourselves beautifully, solve problems easily, and align our needs and wants with possible actions. Anything we write or speak into being today, has wings to fly and heart to last.

Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries has us meeting, uniting, and receiving unexpected gifts, gains, and insights. Our intuition is extremely strong right now, and is deeply linked to our passions. This is a time when we can be original, creative, artistic, and bountiful.

Mercury in Leo forms a quincunx with Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Pisces. Some healing is taking place with this aspect. We notice that our own self doubts and insecurities now rise to the surface. We have trouble reading situations and people, and tend to turn in on ourselves letting our fears and doubts cause us to doubt intentions. Miscommunication is the result, and everyone seems to be reacting or responding our of their own weaknesses, fears, doubts, or wounds.


Mercury in Leo will be conjunct the Sun, making communication sharp. Our wants are aligned with our thoughts, and we are able to make ourselves understood. We also understand our essence, in particular in relation to whatever area of our life/chart this aspect falls (the area ruled by Leo). Whatever we put into writing or say with conviction, takes on the power and authority of our desires. Be discerning, for what you say and express carries weight for a long time to come.

Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries is a good time to take action, organize for future plans, and be receptive and open to unexpected gains and insight. Intuition is strong right now, and you are likely to have some original insights, and innovative and creative ideas. Again, the area of your life that is getting the spotlight is the house/area of life that Leo is ruling.

Mercury in Leo quincunx Chiron in Pisces, focuses on struggles with decision making. Our wounds tend to define us in terms of what habits, patterns of behavior, or negative programming we are trying to emerge from or feel trapped in. When we have trouble making up our minds, one problem can be because we are doubting our own perceptions, we have trouble trusting our intuition, or we are unclear about our own desires, expectations, or needs. This can signal miscommunications as it affects everyone to some degree or another. Imagine everyone walking around with a 10 bubbles of dialogue going on in their heads at once? We need to get out of our heads, meaning out of our preconceived notions, patterned responses and mental tapes, psychological wounds and behavior. Practicing mindfulness is one way to handle transits of Mercury that trigger upset, confusion, mistrust, and other forms of negativity.

The Aquarius Super Full Moon is waxing to fullness. It will reach its peak on Sunday, August 10. The Full Moon article will be posted on Saturday.

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