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Weekend weather forecast for Houston Texas and vicinity, Friday, March 1, 2013

Cold temperatures visit Texas and much of the nation this weekend
Cold temperatures visit Texas and much of the nation this weekend
Plymouth State University Weather Server


As weekends go, this one will be pretty nice with lots of fair skies. The north wind will be bringing colder air, however. For a winter that has largely bypassed Houston (and in reality, much of the nation), this will be a stark reminder that "calendar" Spring is still three weeks away.

That northerly breeze may be strong to negate the chance of frost on Friday night. Not so in early Sunday morning, which will have the requisite clear sky, low dewpoints, and calm conditions. Given how numerical models have over-estimated temperature drops, I will say that some locations may be near or just below the freezing mark. That said, some communities in Walker and Montgomery counties may reach the 20s (F) before rescue by the bright sunshine on Sunday.

There is no mention of rain in this outlook, and I suspect that Texas will not see any important rainfall until around March 10. Readings will trend warmer, with humidity rising gradually beginning late next week. In a progressive pattern with a strong trough moving from southwest to northeast, the potential for thunderstorms of heavy to severe intensity may rise throughout the Lone Star State.

It is that "time of the year".....

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Weekend Forecast

Friday: Partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. Highs 55 Montgomery to 59 Rosenberg

Friday Night: Clear, breezy and cold. Lows 35 Dobbin to 39 Richmond

Saturday: Sunny and cool. Highs 57 Magnolia to 61 Sugar Land

Saturday Night: Clear and cold with frost possible. Lows 31 Stagecoach to 35 Stafford

Sunday: Mostly sunny, windy and milder. Highs 70 Klein to 74 Meadows Place

Extended Outlook

Monday: Partly sunny and warmer. High 79, Low 58

Tuesday: Partly sunny, windy and colder. High 64, Low 46

Wednesday: Sunny and mild. High 66, Low 45


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