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Weekend: Robert Pattinson lures on dating, 2014 gift, hoaxes, and Kristen's BFF

Are there more hoaxes hiding here? The news has suddenly taken a gossipy turn. Let the record show that any story originating from the tabloid that gave us a host of holiday tales must be suspect. Who wasn’t suspicious of Robert Pattinson meeting up with an artist whom he commissioned to do a special painting for Kristen Stewart? Today, Jan. 4, 2014, the Toronto Sun revealed: Robert Pattinson may be dating British artist Nettie Wakefield and Celebrity Dirty Laundry questioned a "Robert Pattinson and Nettie Wakefield Hookup?" Whereas the Stir on Jan. 3, 2014 said that the “Christmas Gift to Kristen hints at a Reunion.” It is all questionable right now.

She must be wondering, waiting, or dating another.
Twilight Saga film still

Suspicious of the gift story, friends dating?

What are the chances for this special gift? Perhaps there is one smidgen of truth in the story. Apparently artist Nettie Wakefield and Pattinson saw each other in London over the holidays. Did they wave to each other from across the street? Did they meet for drinks or dinner? If they were out together or dating why wasn’t it all over the news?

The tabloid tale claims that Pattinson is “thinking about having a new piece of Wakefield's work commissioned just for Kristen,” noted by Showbiz Spy.

The possibility that Pattinson and Wakefield are dating may not be off the mark. It's been a long while since we saw Stewart and Pattinson together.

Kristen’s BFF Dakota Channing and sleepovers

Fanning and Pattinson were apparently spotted on New Year’s Eve day in Brooklyn, New York. And you guessed it, the teller of tales and hoaxes had that exclusive as well. Giving the benefit of the doubt to the two, you read here that Pattinson may be in the doghouse and Kristen's BFF has the key.

Pattinson might have gone to Fanning to ask for help getting out of the doghouse or to get the scoop on Stewart and Lane Garrison. As we have been reporting: Khloe Kardashian and Kristen Stewart: New men, flirting and sleepovers.

The hoax news source: photo of 1,000 lies

As for the photos showing Fanning and Pattinson, keep this in mind that Pattinson's plans for a 2014 Kristen Stewart gift came from the hoax news.

Anyone remember this obvious photo misrepresentation? The story title said it all: Robert Pattinson at Monkey Bar: Photo without Kris tells 1000 lies.

What’s the real news? It seems as if it is all speculative. These articles that follow may shed some light.

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