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Weekend of August 1: Sparks, unexpected change and freedom

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice

Mercury entered Leo July 29, changing the dynamics in which we think and speak. Leo is bold, dramatic and sometimes overly dramatic.
July 29, Venus squared Uranus and this dynamic will play out over the weekend. Venus square Uranus is disruptive to relationships and stability. This square continues to set off the Uranus-Pluto square creating major events in the world and in our personal lives if this is aspecting personal planets in your natal chart.

With Uranus involved some of us will want freedom, or our partners may. This is not the time to press an issue or act clingy. If your partner wants freedom this weekend the best thing you can do is go with the flow gracefully, and if the relationship is sound they will return. If your relationship is stressed or not really a committed situation the potential is there for it to end, depending on what is in your chart.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and squares Uranus August 2-3 and this is a volatile and unpredictable transit, indicative of rash and unexpected behavior. Mars is exact in its square to Jupiter August 1 at 3;33 P.M., EST but this energy will continue for a few days. Mercury squares Mars exact, at 8:01 P.M., Saturday, and this energy will continue as well.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is indicative of things getting blown out of proportion and over-indulging. That can include fun, entertainments, eating and drinking or anything else. Things may not be as big or important as you think they are or make them out to be.

Mars square Jupiter is volatile and indicative of rash behavior and actions. Again, things may get blown out of proportion.
As Mercury squares Jupiter and Mars, exact at 8:01 P.M., EST, on August 2, this transit is indicative of arguments, flying off the handle, irritation, and fights. Be careful driving!

The best thing you can do is be aware of this energy and not go with the flow of it, so to speak. In some cases, not reacting is the key to maintaining peace.

Many events will unfold in the world over the next 3-4 days. The cease fire was broken between Hamas and Israel, and I expect violence to escalate here, and in other hot spots. Jupiter rules the medical profession, and there will be more news of the Ebola outbreak, and I expect to that increase as well. With Mercury-Mars there could be news of accidents and situations involving transportation or travel and young people/children.

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