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Weekend listening list



  • ism 5 years ago

    Nice variety. Great idea to show different genres of music, opens up new vistas for music lovers in general. One comment on Metallica...nice job on a great song, just not quite as good as the original version...the soulfulness just wasn't there.

  • nadine 5 years ago

    Great songs.

  • juice74 5 years ago

    Awesome idea that brother. I loved the scat, and turn the page had me singing along out loud!!

  • Stephanie 5 years ago

    Metallica's version of Bob Seger's Turn The Page is hands down my most favorite cover of all time. I am a huge fan of Bob Seger. I guess I like it so well because they (Metallica) didn't try to change it too much, just put their flare on it. James' vocals were very good on this one, too.

  • jr 5 years ago

    John - Great idea to expose everyone to different types of music and then opening for discussion. Makes us more well-rounded. I particularly liked the Los Tri-o selections. The rhythmic, melodious flow of their music is one of my favorite types of music. It has a beautiful, calming and relaxing sound. I particularly liked the distinct sound of the guitar and the sound of the horns. To me, a guitarest who can make a guitar "talk" by distinctly (clearly) picking each note and blending the notes when appropriate, is just awesome. It does not matter what kind of music is being played. The other selections were good in that each musician has their own talent. Keep on helping us to be aware of other types of music out there. Who knows, I might find another favorite one day.

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