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Weekend Listening Apr. 9-11


Time to explore more music!
Like any good guest, sometimes the weekend listening is fashionably late, but it still brings plenty moments of enjoyment to the receiver…
We begin this week with some people’s definition of cool – the man in black himself, Johnny Cash.


Next up is a classical piece from the late Spanish composer Xavier Montsalvatge. This is the third movement of Concierto Breve, for piano and orchestra performed by Daniel Blanch. The picture at the beginning of the video is one of Montsalvatge (pronounced Mohn-sal-va-cha) before he died. I love the interplay between the piano and orchestra, and how they combine at the end to sound like a train pushing forward. Brilliant, often over-looked composer.
My daughters are at this very moment following their daily ritual of watching New Moon, so in honor of that, we next have a song from the first Twilight movie. This is a live performance of Supermassive Black Hole by Muse (or as my youngest says – supermassive block of coal).
Finally, we end with an absolutely gorgeous song from the late 60’s by Procol Harum. This is a live performance from the band in 1967 of their classic song Whiter Shade of Pale. Most people know this, but never know the name of the band. An all-time classic song and a great way to end this week.
That’s all for this week, but like you would with any good guest – share the weekend listening with all your friends, and again, all comments welcome!


  • ism 5 years ago

    Very interesting variety of entertainers. Enjoyed it.

  • jrg 5 years ago

    Enjoyed the selections. Never thought Cash had a voice but he certainly had that "something" that touched the hearts and souls of his followers. He made & left his mark on music. Enjoyed Supermassive Block of Coal!! Whiter Shade of Pale. Never knew the name of that song, but, it was very popular.

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