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Weekend Listening Apr. 16-18


So much to hear, so little time...
A cup of coffee, sunshine and the weekend listening – a great way to greet the morning…
It came to my attention this week that somehow I missed the death of a music legend, jazz guitarist Herb Ellis. Ellis is known for his hard-swinging style, while playing with everyone from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to his partnership in the Oscar Peterson Trio. This is a video of him late in life jamming to Sweet Georgia Brown.
Second is a song by another musician who passed away this week, Peter Steele. This is his band Type O Negative with their song September Sun.
Next up is a beautiful piece of music from composer John Williams. Most know his music from Star Wars, Superman, and movies of that like – but here is a piece from his score to Saving Private Ryan. It is entitled Hymn to the Fallen, and is a gorgeous tribute to all who fight and make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. The movie picture stays up the whole time, so just close your eyes and let the melody and harmony take you away.
Finally, we end with a new favorite for my girls – Cotton Eyed Joe. This is a traditional song re-worked by Rednex. What else can you say?
That’s all for this week, but share the love of listening and exploring new music with your friends, and again - all comments welcome!


  • ism 5 years ago

    Again, a great variety of music people may have not been expose to before. Very enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

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