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Weekend box office: 'Transformers' leads unusually slow July 4th movie weekend

July 4th weekend is traditionally one of the biggest weekends of the year for movies. But this year was a bit of an anomaly, with no huge action blockbusters coming to theaters to draw mass audiences, and the box office returns reflected that. “Transformers: Age of Extinction” was last weekend’s number one movie and this weekend it came in first again, beating out all of the weekend’s new releases that performed poorly. However, with $36.4 million—a huge dropoff from last week’s $100 million debut—it still didn’t gross a lot for a holiday weekend.

Optimus Prime leads the Autobots- and the box office- once more in "Transformers: Age of Extinction"
Paramount Pictures

The comedy “Tammy” followed behind with $21.7 million, which is about what’s to be expected from an R-rated comedy that receives terrible reviews. The movie stars Melissa McCarthy as a down-on-her-luck woman who goes on a road trip with her vulgar grandmother. Another new movie, the horror film “Deliver Us From Evil”, followed way behind in third with only $9.5 million.

Earth to Echo” looked to be the most appealing movie for this kind of weekend, a sci-fi film that’s appropriate for the whole family. However, it performed the worst of the three new wide releases, only grossing $8.2 million Friday-Sunday and coming in sixth. About a group of kids who find a stranded alien, the movie has been called a ripoff of “E.T.” and “Super 8”.

The documentary “America”, on the other hand, performed decently in limited release. The film, which imagines what the world would be like if the United States did not exist, came in eleventh with $2.7 million, despite being open in only about 1,100 theaters nationwide.

The complete list of the top 12 movies at the box office this weekend is below. Click the links to read my full review of each film.

1. “Transformers: Age of Extinction”: $36.4 million

2. “Tammy”: $21.7 million

3. “Deliver Us From Evil”: $9.5 million

4. “22 Jump Street”: $9.4 million

5. “How to Train Your Dragon 2”: $8.7 million

6. “Earth to Echo”: $8.2 million

7. “Maleficent”: $6.1 million

8. “Jersey Boys”: $5.1 million

9. “Think Like a Man Too”: $4.9 million

10. “Edge of Tomorrow”: $3.6 million

11. “America”: $2.7 million

12. “The Fault in Our Stars”: $2.4 million

Check out showtimes for these movies and more at the following St. Louis-area theaters.

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