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Weekend box office:'Transformers 4' destroys competition with $100 million debut

The “Transformers” film franchise isn’t a hit with critics, but it sure is with audiences. After a three year hiatus, Michael Bay resumed the series with its fourth film, boasting a new cast headed by Mark Wahlberg. That movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” was number one this weekend with $100 million, highest opening weekend of any movie so far this year. Continued interest in the franchise is evidenced by the fact that, while it didn’t have quite as high an opening weekend as “Revenge of the Fallen”, the series’ second film, it did gross more than its predecessor, “Transformers: Dark of Moon”. Critical bashing and its two hour and forty-five minute running time didn’t deter moviegoers either, so it’s likely we’ll continue to see more from this franchise in the future.

Transformers riding on Transformers: "Age of Extinction" takes things to a whole new level
Paramount Pictures

The other films in theaters right now didn’t stand a chance against “Transformers”, which was the only new movie in theaters this weekend. “22 Jump Street” remained in second with only $15.4 million, while last weekend’s number one movie, “Think Like a Man Too”, dropped all the way down the fourth with $10.4 million.

The complete list of the top 12 movies at the box office this weekend is below. Click the links to read my full review of each film.

1. “Transformers: Age of Extinction”: $100 million

2. “22 Jump Street”: $15.4 million

3. “How to Train Your Dragon 2”: $13.1 million

4. “Think Like a Man Too”: $10.4 million

5. “Maleficent”: $8.2 million

6. “Jersey Boys”: $7.6 million

7. “Edge of Tomorrow”: $5.2 million

8. “The Fault in Our Stars”: $4.8 million

9. “X-Men: Days of Future Past”: $3.3 million

10. “Chef”: $1.6 million

11. “Godzilla”: $1 million

12. “Neighbors”: $740,000

Check out showtimes for these movies and more at the following St. Louis-area theaters.

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